Crazy Clown!




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This is what I did for Halloween!

You can also watch this funny fallow me around!

Step 1: Sketch

Sketch out the mouth with white eyeliner and put on a wig cap. =P

Step 2: Base

Using white body paint I covered my face.

Step 3: Lips and Teeth

Starting off the mouth I used red body paint for the lips then white body paint for the teeth.

Then I grabbed a peach color for the gums.

Step 4: Fill In

Then just fill in the mouth with black body paint.

Step 5: Mouth Detail

Using black matte eyeshadow I added shadows on the gums as well as some wrinkles around the mouth. I also used yellow and brown matte eyeshadow to dingy up the teeth.

Step 6: Eyebrows

I used black body paint to make the crazy eyebrows.

Step 7: Wrinkles

Using the matte black eyeshadow again I made wrinkles on the forehead.

Step 8: Eyes

Using red and black eyeshadow I messily applied that to my lids and drug is around the eye socket.

Step 9: Last Detail

I decided to make the eyebrows less pretty by taking some liquid eyeliner and making them look fringed.



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    3 years ago

    So impressive, so another BIG Thanks for sharing with us. While watching your video of your amble through the town, and the stores I began to wonder just how I would react to you if you were painted like this. A small part of me, to be truthful, would be saying something like "yeah, sure its that time of year, this is just paint...but still, don't let this Crazy Clown get too close." I wonder if anyone else felt similarly?

    1 reply