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Introduction: Crazy Eyeball Necktie - Last Minute Office Halloween Idea

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It's 11pm on October 30th and your office Halloween party is tomorrow! What are you gonna do?

With just an old necktie and your smartphone, you can have a roving-eye necktie in no time flat! The eyeball looks super creepy, and seems to have a life of its own.

Step 1: Cardboard Insert

Find a tie big enough to slot your phone into. That big fat tie?? it's probably out of fashion already. Don't feel bad cutting it up. Trace around your tie on a piece of thin cardboard and cut that out.

Step 2: Video Eyeball

Download a looping video of an eyeball on your phone. I used the Morph Digitaldudz app which is free on both iPhone and Android. They sell their own line of T-shirts and masks which feature these moving eye videos, so support them if you can. But they also made the app free to download and use, which is perfect for this purpose! The eyeball is well animated and looks super real. It's also easy to reposition the video anywhere on your phone screen for better alignment.

Cut out the eye hole in the cardboard template and see how your eye looks. pretty freaky already! Make a cardboard pocket to hold your phone behind your carboard template in just the right spot. I just cut more cardboard and used hot glue for this.

Step 3: Finishing Touches

Open up the seam at the back of the tie just enough to insert the cardboard holder and phone into the tie.
Cut open the eye hole in the front of the tie, and decorate the opening as you like.

I used an old broken zipper to create eyelids. this was just hot glued in place, with a couple more pieces of black foam for eyelid folds.

The phone can be slipped in and out of the tie easily from the back, so you can use your regular phone if you want.

Tie the tie as usual, pair it with your best office wear, and have fun!

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    2 years ago

    That is a great idea! It's simple but it has a very creepy effect. :) I'm sure it was a big hit at your office party!


    Reply 2 years ago

    thanks! I had fun at work with it. But nobody reacted at all on the subway.