Crazy Jewelry for Robot Lover




Introduction: Crazy Jewelry for Robot Lover

About: My hobby is making something new with waste material and with low resources which are available. I am also a good Roller Skater.

Are you Big lover of robots,if Yes then how will you show your craziness toward it to your friends.

Do you have any idea ?

Get ready I Will show you how to make a crazy jewelry for “electronic and robot lover “ From electronic waste material.

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Step 1: Requirement's

  1. CPU Processor cooler
  2. Two piece Thick metal wire each 10 Cm long
  3. Pliers
  4. Glue
  5. Permanent marker pen (Blue color)
  6. Silver metallic paint
  7. Paint brush
  8. Old USB Cable

Step 2: Locket

Take a CPU Processor cooler and remove the Fan from the metallic surface.After Detaching the fan from the metal surface Paint the metallic part with your favorite metallic color.Draw a highlighted eyes,nose and mouth on it so it look like a robot face.

Our Locket is completed

Proceed to next step-

Step 3: Ring and Chain

Take a straight Thick metal wire metal wire bend it into the shape of a circular ring .Take a USB Cable wire put the ring inside it and joint its two ends with glue.

Again take a metallic wire around 10 Cm Bend it as shown in the above.

Put the wire into the Metallic ring and then put the metallic wire into the gaps on the Lockets.

Step 4: Finish

Our jewelry is completed and ready to wear.

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