Crazy Looking Drinking Glasses

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If you like to drink out of weird or funky containers, these glasses are for you.

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Step 1: Materials

The only things you need are a couple of soda cans and a non electric can opener.

Step 2:

Using the can opener, cut out the inside of the top of the can. (see pictures below)

Step 3: Finishing

After the top has fallen in, turn the can upside down over a paper towel and shake it slightly. If you want, you can sand the inside lip so it is free of burs. Rinse it out and fill it with your favorite beverage. If you hate drinking out of the small opening in the top of a normal can, you can cut the top out and leave the original beverage inside. Enjoy.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    man you should add decor to the thing not just make it look like you dont have any drinking glasses and you make things up to save money, haha,---gabe