Crazy About Butternut Squash!!!!

Introduction: Crazy About Butternut Squash!!!!

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I must be Crazy!! 

 Went shopping one Saturday morning -  butternut squash was on sale for 49 cents a pound. 

I love butternut squash!!  Bought 22 lbs on Saturday. 

Went to my local farmers market the next day  - he had lovely butternut squashes so I loaded up my arms with 30 pounds more!!.

So here we are 52 lbs of butternut squash.

What do you do with 52 lbs of squash - can it of course.

Step 1: Gathering the Equipment

28 – 34- 1 quart/litre size Mason jars. Any brand will work nicely.

Lids and rings - make sure you buy/have the right size for your jars

Large bowls,pots  (for the peeled squash)

Small pot of boiling water to simmer the seals & rings in (I like to rings to be warm when placed on the seals)

A paring knife and a chef's knife, chopping board.

Measuring spoon

Salt (I use sea salt - but any good table salt will work)

Clean towels

Jar lifter for grabbing those hot jars

Canning funnel for filling the jars

Magnetic lid lifter – for taking the hot seals and rings out of the water

Canning Jar Wrench – I use this to empty the hot water out of the waiting jars (saves your fingers)

Pressure Canner - the one I use is a Mirro 22 Quart  weighted Gauge

Step 2: Preparing Squash for Canning

Squash is a non-acidic vegetable so it has to be canned using a pressure canner to remove all possible organisms and botulism.

First step is to peel and quarter the squash.

Step 3: Cutting and Seeding the Squash.

After peeling the squash, cut in quarters and remove the seeds and stringy inner flesh.

Step 4: After All the Peeling!!

All the squash has been peeled and seeds removed.

52 pounds later!!

Step 5: Chop and Prepare for Canning

Chop the squash into 1 to 2 inch pieces.

Step 6: Time to Fill the Jars

I use the raw pack method of canning vegetables.

Butternut squash is very tender -  processing by the hot pack method - you end up with mushy squash - as I found by experience the first time I canned butternut squash.

Hot pack method is bringing the vegetables and water to a boil, boiling for 2 minutes,  then packing in hot sterilized jars and processing.

Raw pack method is packing the squash into the hot sterilized jars, leaving 1 inch head room, then filling the jar with boiling water, sealing and processing.

I use 1 tsp sea salt per jar. - Salt is not a requirement - salt is by your choice

Step 7: Squash Is Ready to Process.

Fill the jars, release air bubbles with either a knife or plastic end of a spatula, place hot seal and ring on the jar, tighten down, place in the pressure canner.

1/2 cup white vinegar helps with hard water spots on the jars and inside the pressure canner.

There should be 2 inches of hot water in the pressure canner before placing the filled jars into it.   Hot water is necessary as the jars being placed into the pressure canner are hot - if the is cold water in the canner - the jars can crack.

As you place the jars in the canner the level will rise, after all jars are in the level should be 2 to 3 inches from the bottom of the jar.

If the water is too high remove water with a measuring cup.


Step 8: Ready to Process!!

Put the lid on the canner, secure tight, weighed petcock should be at 15 lbs pressure.

0-1000 ft sea level - 10 lbs pressure for 90 minutes
above 1000 feet sea level - 15 lbs pressure for 90 minutes

Turn the burner on high, heat until the petcock is furiously dancing, then turn the heat down to medium-high - the petcock should be doing a gentle dance at this time.

Step 9: Crazy About Butternut Squash!!

Here we are all done.

I must admit did not can all 52 lbs of the squash.  I did can 48 pounds.  Cooked the rest over the next couple of days to eat.

I use the canned butternut squash to make soup, cook and mash with butter and honey, add to fried potatoes.

This canning adventure yielded  34 - 1 quart jars.

You will need approximately 2 jars for a small batch of butternut squash soup for appetizers. 

For a hearty 4 person meal you will need 4 jars.  Goes nicely with a loaf of fresh pumpernickel bread.



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    3 Discussions

    I've seen this recipe before, but never tried it. This year, all my winter squash are growing like crazy in the garden, so I'll probably have plenty to can. I want to try this method with sweet potatoes also.

    Have you tried any of your canned squash? How's the texture & taste? I have a great recipe great recipe for spicy squash & sausage soup. I frequently substitute sweet potatoes for the squash.

    1 reply


    Yep, have tried a lot of it!!. Texture is same a cooked squash (with less work), taste is true butternut squash.

    I have been using it as a quick vegetable at dinner, either pouring the whole jar, squash and water, bring to a boil, simmer for 2 minutes, drain add butter, or mash and add a little honey.

    You can also drain and microwave for 2 1/2 minutes.

    I also make butternut squash soup with 2 of the jars. Saute onions, then simmer in broth until tender, add drained squash, warm through 5 to 10 minutes, then puree, return to pot, and warm again - add cream near the end.

    Haven't canned sweet potatoes yet, good idea though, as I love sweet potatoes as well.

    Let me know how the sweet potatoes go


    1 year ago

    Hey nice job on the canning of the squash two thumbs up