Crazy Biking




alright this is sorta like bmx with a few insane twists.

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Step 1: How to Play

the twists are you have to ride your bike through hoops of fire ramps that reguire you to jump a mini pool full of water or fuel set on fire!!and any other insane obstacle your mind thanks of.

Step 2: Weapons for the Game

A pool noodle wrapped around a piece of pvc, an airsoft gun if everyone has eye protection,knex weapons such as crossbows knives and guns anything you make out of knex oh and when i say the word gun it does not fire bullets that can kill,water guns any thing that can knock your oppnenyt of his bike but cant cause major injuries such as a knife bat gun and arrows.padded bat instructable

Step 3: How to Win

There are numerous ways how to win here they are.dont fall off your bike because if you do you are out.If youcatch on fire or mess up on an obstacle like you dont make it across a mini pool and your supposed to you would be out.if you get burned bruised or bleed you are out.

Step 4: Whats Needed

1 a referee to light hoops and stuff on fire when needed and to tell if some one is out.
2 some friends preferably more than 4 the more the better.
3 an area to play like on a street or askatepark or gym.
4 weapons and props such as the hoops of fire it doesnt have to be dangerous it could be just hopping a brick and you can have as many stunt areas as you want.

Step 5: Arenas

gladiator arena which is just an open area with boundries you set ill explain how to play the different games next.
racing a nice road or side walk with a circular area to go around and around.
and last but not least it is a gladiator arena but with stunts like hoops of fire or jumping bricks this is called stunt gladiator.

Step 6: How to Play Games

gladiator you have weapons and thats all the last one standing wins applies to the how to win rules like falling off your bike ur out you cant be the last one standing.
race same rules as gladiator but you have to keep racing in this one while fighting.
stunt gladiator you go over stunts until the time runs out each stunt has a score limit some of the more advanced stunts give more points than the othersif you get knocked of bleed or etc your not out you lose all the points you earned though you also have weapons like you do in all other modes.
remeber you can make up you own game to ta play.

Step 7: Ending

now go play have fun and wear a helmet or any other safety equipment you want but always wear a helmet. and be safe.

sorry for no pictures but i explained it really well so you should be able to play in no time.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

     I have something to say and I'll sum it up in one word I hope you can comprehend
    I would write it in a huge red font but instructables took that option away from non pro members

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is so not safe  and risking geting A GOOD SIZE  BURN! 


    10 years ago on Step 1

    I think this doesn't sound 100% safe, maybe 93%, but definitely not 100%.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    i dont have any biker friends... i just try not to hit the trees :D works just as fine... :(

    I smell bacon

    10 years ago on Introduction

    I was playing a game simialar to this without realising it, I would get some friends together and we would shoot slingshots and throw balls at each other on bikes. Great fun!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    this sounds stooped and just the kind of thing my friends and id do but ud need dirt bikes