Cream Cheese Oreo Ball O.O





Introduction: Cream Cheese Oreo Ball O.O

For my friend who really likes Oreo

I made this!

Simple to make, tastes good.

Step 1: What You Need Are ...


- White Chocolate 200g

- Oreo-like Cookie 4

- Cream Cheese 200g


- bowl

- zip bag

- cooking paper

Step 2: Crush the Cookie

Put the cookie in the zip bag and crush it.

It is convenient to use big!!! zip bag possible

or just do it in several times separately.

Step 3: Mix the Crushed Cookie and Cream Cheese.

Mix them evenly~

Ah! You should leave some crushed cookie.

You need it for decorating :)

Step 4: Melt the Chocolate

I used coating chocolate. (Because it's easier)

If you are using couverture chocolate, take care of tempering!

I did it with hot water.

I boiled water and poured it in a milk pan. (boiled water, not boiling water)

above that I put on the stainless bowl containing the chocolate.

Step 5: I Don't Know How to Express This Procedure in English :(

Make the oreo+creamcheese dough? in to the shape.

I made it a ball, sphere.

Then dip it in the white chocolate.

If you have dipping fork, it's good.

But If you don't, just use some proper method.

Be careful not to make the dough crush!

Step 6: Finish~

Decorate it with left crushed cookie.

Let it harden

and pack it if you made it for gift.!!



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    8 Discussions

    Is there any way I can make these non- dairy?

    I put sticks in them like cake pops for dipping and then handling.

    You did a wonderful job explaining how to make this treat! I don't use any other language as well as you have used English. Thank you for taking the time to share this.

    This looks and sounds like the perfect "goodie" for my husband! I would say about step #5, "Form into balls about 1 inch in diameter".

    Looks wonderful! How big are the tubes of cookies (in gs)? I want to make some of these VERY soon!

    Yummy! Thank you for the recipe and the clear directions and photos. I plan to make these for a fund raising bake sale. I'm quite sure they will be a big hit!

    Mmmmmmmm these look delicious.