Cream Sponge Cake + How to Make Jelly



Introduction: Cream Sponge Cake + How to Make Jelly

Today I made this great dessert. I hope you enjoy the instructable, and I would love to see photos if you make this!

The sponge was delicious, and had a very nice amount of chew to the outside, and the jelly was equally good.

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Step 1: Making the Jelly

We will start off by making the blackcurrant jelly because this has the longest setting time.

You will need:

  • 40 g Gelatin
  • 100 g Blackcurrant cordial
  • 472 g Cold water (2 cups)
  • 236 g Hot water (1 cup)

    Step 2: Mixing and Setting

    Add the gelatin to the hot water and stir until completely dissolved. In a large bowl, add the berry cordial to the cold water.

    Stir the gelatin infused hot water into the diluted cordial. Scoop out and discard the froth. Next pour into a dish or tin that has been well lined with plastic wrap.

    Place the dish in a refrigerator or cool place, and leave to set.

    Step 3: Shaping the Round

    When the jelly has set, gently place the tin used for for cooking the sponge on top of the jelly, and carefully cut out around it, to form a thick round of jelly.

    Now using the plastic wrap, carefully lift the jelly out the dish, then gently start to scrap away the jelly from the sides of the jelly round. The excess jelly can be eaten or used for any thing you like!

    Flip the jelly onto a plate, and put in the 'fridge or a cool place until you are ready to assemble the sponge cake.

    Step 4: The Sponge!!!

    Now for the sponge. The below recipe will make one 12 cm round sponge cake that is approximately 4 cm high. Unless you have two identical tins, (in which case double the recipe) you will need to make the cakes separately.

    For each sponge cake you will need:

    • 1 egg
    • 33 grams of caster sugar (1.16 oz)
    • 25 grams of flour (0.88 oz)

    Step 5: Mixing

    Put the egg and sugar into a double boiler as shown. Use an electric beater (or just some very strong, fast arms!!) to beat them together until thick enough to draw a figure 8 on the surface with the beaters.

    Add the sifted flour to the mix and carefully fold in. Remember to use a 'j' shape when folding: scrape along the side of the bowl, lift up and over the other mixture. Turn bowl slightly and repeat until just combined.

    Step 6: Cooking

    To prepare your tin, cut a circle of baking paper to cover the bottom, then place inside. Lightly grease the base and sides then dust with a mixture of granulated sugar and flour. Pour in the sponge mixture, and DO NOT SMOOTH THE TOP it will adjust itself in the oven and smoothing the top just presses some of the air out.

    Cook for about 20 minutes at 150 degrees Celsius (302 degrees Fahrenheit) until the top springs back after a light touch and is golden brown. Repeat this process for the second sponge.

    Step 7: The Cream

    Whip up 150 milliliters cream with 2 teaspoons of icing sugar.

    Step 8: Assembly

    Now for the fun bit!

    Peel off the two pieces of baking paper from the bottom of the sponge's and sit the first sponge on the serving plate. Add a good dollop of cream and spread evenly around with an offset spatula or spoon. Next place on the round of jelly and another good layer of cream. Top with the final sponge and dust liberally with icing sugar. Done!

    Step 9: Completion

    This is a simple cake that can satisfy even the most vicious cravings.

    Side note: this cake, due to its height vs smallness did not slice well. I you want a formal 'slice', I suggest to not add the second layer of cream. Or you could just keep the sponges separate :)

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