Creamcheese Fruit Tart




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For this recipe, you will need,

Stainless steels bowl
Egg mixer
Piping bag and tips
Rolling pin
Pie mold
Plastic wrap

Step 1: Ingredients:

1) All purpose flour 180g, Butter 100g, Icing Sugar 45g, Milk powder 25g, Egg 1
2) Cream cheese 200g, Whipping cream 200ml, Sugar 70g, Fresh fruit

Step 2: How To:

1)Cut the cold butter into small cubes, using the hand to mix it into flour, icing sugar and milk powder

Step 3: How To:

2)Add 1 egg, to form the dough. Do not over work the dough

Step 4: How To:

3)Wrap the dough in plastic wrap, let it rest in the fridge for 20mins

Step 5: How To:

4)Roll the dough flat and fit it in the pie mold, use a fork to put holes on the pie shell
5)Bake 160’c (350’f) 25mins, let cool

Step 6: How To:

6)Whip up the cream and sugar together, add room temperature cream cheese cubes, mix well
7)Fill the pie with cream cheese mixture and decorate with fresh fruits



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