Creamy Hummus Three Ways - Beetroot, Roast Red Pepper & Traditional

Introduction: Creamy Hummus Three Ways - Beetroot, Roast Red Pepper & Traditional

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Super luscious traditional humus, bright beetroot hummus and a lovely roasted red pepper variation. Hummus is so simple to make and the possibilities in terms of flavor combinations and garnishes are endless. You really can get super creative with hummus, and its hard to get wrong! It is the perfect appetizer, picnic partner or quick snack. You can serve it accompanied with a great flat bread, seeded crackers or a beautiful plate of seasonal young vegetables to dip. Not only does it taste amazing and is so satisfying, the chickpeas are packed full of protein and fibre. Go forth and get creative!

Step 1:

Super Luscious Traditional Hummus

400 grams of chickpeas (you can soak your own overnight or use canned chickpeas)
1/3 cup of olive oil
2 tblsp. of tahini
1 clove of garlic
2 tblsp. fresh parsley, torn
1/2 a large lemon, juiced
2 tblsp. of fresh water (this helps greatly to make the hummus super creamy)
Generous pinch of sea salt
Pinch of ground black pepper

In a food processor add all of the ingredients and process until the mix is smooth and very creamy. You will need to stop your machine at intervals to scrap down the sides. If you feel that your hummus is not creamy or smooth enough add a fraction more water until you reach the desired consistency.

To serve I like to drizzle a good quality olive oil, a sprinkle of a smoked paprika and a few whole chickpeas.

Step 2:

Please follow the link below to find the recipes for: Bright Beetroot hummus and Roast red pepper (capsicum) hummus.

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