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Introduction: Create a Beautiful Vortex

About: I am re-inventing myself as an inventor, after too many years as a mechanic! I enjoy learning from Tesla disc Turbines, magnetic motors, and Crystal Quantum Radios. "All children are artists. The problem...

This video shows how to create a beautiful vortex using the Tesla CD Turbine.

Watch as it's rope-like strands of water interweave. It's more than just a whirlpool; the magical structure of the spinning vortex represents the very mystery of life itself.

Details on building this Tesla CD Turbine are found in my Instructable called," Turkey Time Tesla CD Turbine".

A strong electric magnetic stirrer could also be used instead of the Tesla CD Turbine to create this vortex. The instructable from g0pher called " Magnetic Stirrer" would likely work, perhaps with mods to make it more heavy-duty. One could use my magnetic coupler with his electrically-powered magnetic stirrer for good vortex action.

Otherwise, build a Tesla CD Turbine and make your own waves!



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    You could use this idea for an entire pool...but it would require about 40 horsepower to be much fun!

    hi, mrfixitrick,

    I'm an artist from Amsterdam,..the Netherlands and like to make a real [big] vortex in a Pond,...Can you advice me how to do that? .,see: [waterfall in gallery]

    Hey, I did something with a similar effect,I intended for it to be a lamp, but did not finish it. enjoy!
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    Vortexes are beautiful, no doubt about it!
    Put in some spaced CD's, and you have a Tesla Pump.

    Oh sure, the vortex can be touched. You can add things like glitter or objects. What's cool is to see what happens to a ping-pong ball as it gets sucked part way down and stays there, suspended and submerged!

    very great cool decoration projects man! this deserve five stars!

    I've had occasional problems with viewing the instructables videos on my Mac using Safari. The Firefox browser plays the videos ok, though.

    it took me a couple seconds to figure out how you were doing that but then I remembered all your other stuff and figured it out

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    Hey, I'm glad you learned something from the other videos, that you could apply to the new situation. Lots of people get bamboozled by the magnetic coupler thing... it takes some watching to understand how it works. Thanks for paying attention!

    Ya my friend and I went through a stage when we loved to play with magnets so that kind of helped.