Create a CMD Messenger





Introduction: Create a CMD Messenger

This will show you how to create a cmd messenger so you can send pop-up messages to otherpeople.

And after you are finish you can now send msgs to your self. NOTE: must enable it on other pcs to make it send msgs to the other pc.

Step 1: Create It!

after watching this video goto "Step 2"

Step 2: Enable the Messenger

Goto: Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services

Find Messenger. Double click on it.

Then the rest of the steps are below on the picture.



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    33 Discussions

    I don't have Messenger on my computer

    Please get rid of that evil video! Just add the text. I am on a blocked computer (curses to the guy who invented family saftey) and cannot view the video! No offense.

    1 reply

    @ atomicpowerplant

    @echo off
    echo LAN Messenger
    echo 1) Send message
    echo 2) Quit
    set /p menu="Option:"
    if %menu%==1 goto :B
    if %menu%==2 goto EXIT
    echo LAN Messenger
    echo The command entered is not a valid command. Please try again.
    goto :A

    sc config Messenger start= auto
    sc start Messenger
    echo LAN Messenger
    set /p target=Target IP Address:
    set /p body=Message:
    net send %send% %body%
    echo Your message has been sent.
    goto :A

    1 reply

    hey do you know of a way to ping a list of web sites using a bat file pre programes with the web sites to ping and get it to creat a log file with the ping time info on it

    This will not work on Windows 7, Vista, ME, 95, 98
    the net send command isn't supported by that version

    hi, thanks for your instruct. I followed what you show, Start>Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Services, but i cannot find Messenger. im currently using window 7. can u help me to figure it out.

    i got it but it said that the syntax of the command was and then it said NET with a list of things then it said hit any key to continue

    1 reply

    If you are using Vista or Windows 7, the syntax for the network messaging command has changed. Instead of: net send [IP address] ["message"] Vista and windows 7 use 'msg' so change the line to: msg %n% %M% and that should work

    Of course it doesn't work!
    the variable "M" and "m" ore two different things
    the right code should be:

    @echo off
    echo messenger
    set /p n=user/IP:
    set /p M=Message:
    net send %n% %M%
    goto a

    i want to use this at college but with the computers we have there all got the rights taken away so cant use much but will we still be able to use this without changing anything ?