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Its pretty easy to create your own notepad with custom logo or custom images.

First of all you need to create the page layout using a page layout program. My favorite is Microsoft Publisher but you can use any other program you feel that you are familiar with such is Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw, Microsoft World, Open Office Draw or any other.

In the layout you have to create a cover page and at least one page for the notes pages (you can print multiple times this to have a professional look on the notepad). in my example I have used different pages for the notes area since I found these great pinup images by Alberto Vargas ( and I was fascinated with them so I created a basic template for each page with a different pinup image.

After the design work you have to print the pages. I suggest you to keep the printing option to gray scale for lower cost on each page and for better results. 

 Video presentation is available below:



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    any tips of making covers for notepads?
    i love the idea but it would cost me a fortune in paper :(


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    The glue is UHU Arts & Crafts