Create a Self-Extracting Archive

This Instructable will show you how to create a self-extracting archive for free. (don't bother buying WinRaR)

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Step 1: Find the Program

First you need to find a program in system32 called "iexpress".

Step 2: Create a Shortcut

It's probably a good idea to create a shortcut to your desktop. (You don't want to look through system32 each time, do you?)

Step 3: Create the Archive

1. Open "iexpress"
2. Choose "Create new Self Extraction Directive file."
3. Choose "Extract files only"
4. Name the package what you want!
5. Choose "Prompt use with:" and type "Are you sure you want to extract these files?" on the line below.
6. Choose "Do not display a license."
7. Choose your files!
8. Keep it Default.
9. Choose "Display Message:" and type "Your files have been successfully extracted!" on the line below.
10. Choose where you want your file to be saved.
11. You should choose "Save Self Directive (SED) file:" if you want to add files to the archive later, otherwise click "Don't Save.".
12. Click next to create the archive.
13. Click finish and your done!

Step 4: Test Your Archive

Now you should test your archive by running it.

Step 5: Now Your Done!

Now your done! Fell free to leave me any questions or comments. Thank You!



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    Hey, try experimenting with "NanoZip" next. is the site and I think it got abandoned, but hey! Still a useful compressor.


    8 years ago on Step 2

    Many many Thanks to You. cb4