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You know there are a ton of ponies from the Friendship is Magic
show that you'd love to have in toy form!
Well, at least the list goes on and on for us...
starting with Daring Do...and enters the realm of our own custom ponies!
Here's a fabulous way to create your very own custom pony!
It's a super fun craft...and a super fun toy!

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Step 1: Meet Tropical Mist

Meet Tropical Mist.
And yes, in her previous life, she was a haircut bait Sunny Days.

(Never fear, Daring Do is on her way!)

let's just get onto the basic process...shall we?

Step 2: Let's Get Customizing!

To begin, get a "bait" pony.
Find a pony at a yard sale or thrift store that the little girl has cut the hair...
Or just buy a $5 My Little Pony at the store.
We tested our plan on our duplicate Sunny Days.
As the mom, sometimes I get sick of all that tangled up hair...snarls and knots!
I often wished that the hair was plastic too!

Step 3: Haircut Time

Give that pony a buzz.
Now you want to leave the tufts of hair still there,
because the clay will adhere better.

Step 4: Bake Hard Clay Time.

Get some oven bake clay.
Ours was white.  If you find the color of clay that you want the finished hair to be...I would
do things in a different order.  (Paint pony.  Then sculpt hair.  Then bake)

Step 5: Sculpt the Mane and Tail!

I sculpted on the mane and basically just made
dreadlock, worm, snake like tendrils, with sweeping bangs.
I could have taken more time...but like I said, she was our test pony.
I will next time.

Once you do the mane, you are ready for the tail.
I used an x-acto knife to rough up the area around her pony tail.
This gives the clay something to adhere to.  Although it's terribly hard to see in the photo.
You could also use some sand paper.  (no rear end comments please!)
Sculpt on the pony tail...

Step 6: Bake Time.

Put her on your baking sheet standing up.
She will get very soft in the oven.
Bake according to the clay instructions.
Ours baked at 275* for 15 minutes.

When removed from the oven she was a very squishy pony...let her cool without moving her.
Once cooled, about 30 minutes later, she has hardened up again!

So, to recap: Plastic Ponies survive the baking process!

Step 7: Paint That Horse!

Get your acrylic craft paint!
Paint her whatever color you like!
(I should have sanded off her cutie mark first, but didn't...the paint still covered it fine)

Easy around the eyes.  I kept her eyes the same, so I was very careful as I painted.
I could have taken more time to get it just perfect...
but even at this point I wasn't sure the outcome!

I did a blend of pink and coral hair!
And a hibiscus cutie mark!

Then, spray it with a clear gloss.
This was the finish it needed!

Step 8: Yes--victory!

Now you have a perfectly you My Little Pony!
Think of all the custom ponies you could make!
Seriously, Mind Blown--right?!
If you do a custom pony, please attach a picture!  :)

Now, because we used bake hard clay,
I think the fragility factor just went up on the pony.
I wouldn't give this to my 5 year old to play with...but
my 9 year old can totally handle it.
Just keep that in mind if you put lots of work into it!
You might just want it to sit on your Pony collection shelf!

You might *need* a Mrs Cakes...or a Derpy Hooves...don't forget about
Dr. Hooves...and maybe Pinkie Pie with her straight hair!
Think of all the custom clothes you could do too!  Maybe a Grand Galloping Gala set of the 6 ponies?

Our most craved pony was: Daring Do...see how we made her next!

Step 9: Daring Do Time!

My daughter just loves Daring do...well, and so do my sons!
She is like the Indiana Jones of My Little what's not to love?

We took a new rainbow dash that we got at Walmart for $4...
and did the same process.
Cut hair, molded on clay...baked it.
Painted the pony, leaving the eyes...
sprayed it with clear glossy spray...

Step 10: Party Time!

All the other ponies were so excited to finally meet Daring Do!

I foresee many other fun Pony friends joining our clan soon!

Thanks for checking out this instructable!
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2 years ago

Thank you SO MUCH for this pic-by-pic tutorial! My 9 year old daughter stumbled upon some pics of customized MLP's and wants to make some. I thought they were so cool looking, and definitely wanted to do them as well but I just couldn't really find a "basic" tutorial that gave this craft challenged Mommy some hope! ? Of course, mine still will not be as awesome as yours, but nonetheless I'm excited! I will start following your blog as well! Thank you again! ?????


4 years ago on Introduction

I used markers instead of paint. I cut, not all the way, and colored one strand with a permanent purple marker. I used yellow eyes, and colored the used to be yellow body with the same purple marker, creating plum. The cutie mark is two fallen purple leaves on top of a yellow floor. I washed her hair, and named her Fallen Leaves.

3 replies

4 years ago

Thats so cool! It looks just like daring do, I recognized her immediately!

Rainbow rocks

4 years ago

I used modge podge to glaze my custom but you aren't able to bend the wings without it chipping when you use your spray on glaze can you bend it? Also what is the brand of glaze you use?


5 years ago

This is Watermelon Crush! I made her from pinkie pie!

14, 5:07 PM.jpg
2 replies

5 years ago

if I can find any of my ponies I will have more fun with them if they look how I like them. thanks for the idea


5 years ago

I can't wait to do this! I want to make my OC


5 years ago

Oh, we'll i actually rerooted it. That is whole new hair. It took FOREVER! I don't know how to do her tail though.


5 years ago

Do you agree that the ponies with the sparkle tinsel in their hair are such a hassle. I mean the tinsel makes their hair look CRAZY! This is my sisters AJ and it always looks like that, even when I fix it.

13, 3:49 PM.jpg