Create Di-hydrogen Monoxide Refrigerant (R-718)

Introduction: Create Di-hydrogen Monoxide Refrigerant (R-718)

Old timey maker

Here is my first attempt at a new instructable.

This is a write up on how to create R-718 also known as Di-hydrogen Monoxide. This refrigerant is effective and essential for all natural cooling requirements of liquid based aperitif or other liquid based consumables.

Step 1: Collect the Requisite Elements.

Required elements:


Mono Oxide

Cooling container

Optimal temperature 32° F/ 0° C

Step 2: Process Required Material

Once you have collected the requisite components, combine them together.

Place the combined components into a retaining vessel. Usually an elongated, shallow dish with compartmentalized partitions for individualized use.

Take the retaining vessel and place it carefully into the cooling container.

Ensure the cooling container is operating at it optimal requisite minimal temperature: 32° F/ 0° C

Step 3: Allow the Appropriate Time for the Di-Hydrogen Monoxide to Properly Set

Wait six (6) hours for the Di-hydrogen Monoxide to set in the cooling container.


If the cooling container is NOT set at a temperature atleast 32° F/ 0° C then the Di-Hydrogen Monoxide may fail to set properly.

Step 4: Enjoy You New Di-Hydrogen Monoxide

After the requisite six (6) hours, remove the rectangular tray from the cooling vessel.

Apply gently pressure to the rectangular tray to free the solid di-hydrogen monoxide particles from their compartmentalized cell.

You may now enjoy your what you just have created.

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    Absolutely, it is gluten free. But depending upon where you source your dihydrogen monoxide, it may not be nut free. Like for example, using a source such as the local concrete swimming hole which may have numerous XY chromoson laden hominids partaking in the refreshing comfort provided by a concrete swimming hole.

    That’s a shame, I find anything gluten free rather tasteless and no texture. How about adding a soupçon of charcoal and a dash more hydrogen to give C2H6O. This would go well with nuts.

    Also the C2H6O goes VERY well with Di-hydrogen Monoxide Mellons.

    If I cannot obtain any free-range atomic oxygen, is store-bought acceptable?

    1 reply

    Store bought atomic oxygen is acceptable IF, and only IF it contains the proper molecular bonds are in place to ensure it doesn't become cage-free or more commonly known as free-range.

    I began making R-718 refrigerant solid hexahedra in our kitchen when I was a kid, but I haven't made any in the longest time... because unfortunately I had lost the recipe. Thanks for bringing back those wonderful memories! As I recall, instead of using dihydrogen monoxide, we were able to get equally good results with hydrogen hydroxide.


    Nice post, a reliable way to produce solid-state dihydrogen monoxide. I've used this technique many times. In fact I've become so accustomed to the benefits of having solid state dihydrogen monoxide around, I purchased an appliance that features a built-in device for production and dispensing it at the touch of a button!