Create Gmail Account/ Gmail Sign Up

How to create a new Gmail account? How to register new GMail? How to sign up GMail?
I hope your business benefits . Perhaps one of Google’s biggest acts is Gmail. Gmail has an excellent operation and reliability.

Step 1: Click to Gmail Register Page

First you will go to the Gmail sign up page as you see in the image by clicking the link below.

Create Gmail Account

Step 2: Please Fill in All Required Fields

In particular, the “Choose your username” from which dot you can only use the username part of writing punctuation.

Do not forget the parts from“Create your password” “Birthday,” “Gender”.

You must write here if you have another email account in “Your current email address” section

I think in the “Mobile phone” by section write your phone number.Because you can verify by phone ahead if you lose your account.

İn. “Type the text” section , you must write the number of the picture space in there.

Finally, the “Location” section determine your country, “I agree to the Google Terms of Service and Privacy Policy” Click the box next to the location then click “Next step” click where it says.

If you have a Gmail account, you can login by clicking here. gmail sign in



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