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• You're going to need a USB Wireless Adapter(Must have hosted features).
• You're going to need an active internet connection.

Not Required
Having to have to flash your router with Openwrt or DD-Wrt

Tutorial Rating: Easy

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Step 1: See If Your Network Driver Supports Hosted Networks

1. You'll need to open up CMD (Command Prompt), You can do this by going to start once your start menu open goto all programs > select Accessories > Then select Command Prompt.
2. Once you've your Command Prompt dialog on your screen you're going to type "netsh wlan show drivers" without the quotation marks. Once you've type this command press enter after pressing entering you should be seeing information about your wireless network adapter. You're going to be looking for the line that says "Hosted Network Supported" If you see this line an it says Yes that means your device can be turned into a portable hotspot.However, if it says No that means your current device doesn't support this method however don't get your hopes up if your wireless network adapter is built in I recommend just purchasing a wireless USB adapter that supported the "Hosted Network Feature".

Step 2: Settings Up Our Hotspot

  1. First thing we need to do is install WifiCreator, Which is included in the zip file I uploaded lets being an order for this to work you'll need to install WifiCreator first Double Click on > "WifiCreator setup" icon an then follow the steps on your screen like as you were installing a normal program but leave everything default
  2. Once WifiCreator has installed you can find it by going to Start > WiFi Creator > Click on WiFi Creator once WiFi creator has opened were it says "Internet Connection" You'll need to select your active internet connection below whether it be "Ethernet/USB Tethered or Wireless network" Do Note: If you've one wireless usb adapter that is hosted network supported an you're using that to connect to the internet to your wireless router you'll not be able to turn it into a wireless adapter unless you're disconnected from the internet. After you've selected your "Internet Connection" from the drop-down box you can click "Set up and Start Hotspot"
  3. After your hotspot has started you should be able to see it on any of your device that you can connect to over your WiFi network. I recommend connected to your Hotspot to test an see if you can make a working connection that has internet access. If you've internet access on your test hotspot I recommend that you move onto the next step.

Step 3: Settings Up MyHotspot

  1. After you've installed "MyHotspot" which is included in the Zip folder that you download from Step 2.
  2. After the install has completed you'll be asked to reboot your computer please do this. As it's required.
  3. Once your PC has rebooted Start > "WifiCreator" if not already started after "WifiCreator" has started open up "MyHotSpot"
  4. Once you've opened up "MyHotspot", you'll be asked to Enter your city and country name when first opened
  5. After you've enter your city and country name you'll be asked to enter a username and password, simply just click Login.
  6. After you've successfully logged in You'll be redirected to a "Network Configuration" When you're redirected here you'll need to select your "Internet Connection Device" from the drop-down menu were it says "Network Card With The Internet" after you've select your internet device. Now we need to select our Hotspot wireless adapter from the drop down menu were it says "Network Card To W-LAN Access Point" you can find out the name of your wireless hotspot adapter by going to Control Panel > Underneath Network and Internet click "View Network Status & Task" Once you've got this information select it from the drop-down menu. Then click Next this will take a few minutes to configure the web-server with your hotspot network you've created.
  7. After the configuration part has completed you should now be able to visit - from your desktop computer. Now when you log into your hotspot you should be redirected to this page.

What's MyHotspot

- MyHotspot billing software is the definitive tool for managing your
public WIFI-HotSpot in internet cafes, schools, hotels, bistros or gaming cafe / game center.


- If you've problems with the web-server not starting for MyHotspot this issue could be cause another program is already using this port which is port: 80 for an example if you've "Skype" installed I recommend that you change the incoming port to other available port. Fix: Just change that programs port to another port available if possible

Step 4: Final Steps

To test to make sure everything is working like it should is take another device that has WiFi an connect it to your hotspot you just created once that device is connected open up the web browser when opening up the browser an you get redirected to a login page that says "MyHotSpot" that means you've successfully completed this tutorial

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16 Discussions


Question 17 days ago on Step 4

hello, i tried instaling myhotspot, followed every instruction. i can open log in page on my desktop i can even log in with generated ticket pin, my problem is the log in page doesnt show when i try accessing wifi from my ipad. the log in page will not show. i am using TP Link Access Point TL WA7010ND. is there anything else i need to configure. i already changed its IP to Please help. Thank you


2 years ago

el problema de la version v16 de myhotspot estaba en la base de datos y el archivo de idioma.- modificando el idioma a mi gusto.. y no cargando o evitando de cargar una base de datos antigua realice toda la configuración manualmente otra vez y listo todo funciona de nuevo. pero debemos si o si firmar el archivo .sys (Error of controller, (ndiskhaz.sys) C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ndiskhaz.sys) usando el CMD en modo administrador e ingresando estos comando:

bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions DISABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS

bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON

el primero + ENTER y luego el segundo + ENTER y luego reiniciamos todo... entonces pasamos a firmar el controlador .sys (Error of controller, (ndiskhaz.sys) C:\Windows\System32\drivers\ndiskhaz.sys) usando el programa llamado "dseo13b.exe" descargenlo solo desde la web original .... busquen referencias si no saben como usarlo es facil.- les recuerdo que es necesario hacerlo debido a que al instalar la version v16 de myhotspot los adaptadores de red, dejan de funcionar correctamente y los dejaran sin internet. como solucion de emergencia pueden desintalar el servicio directamente desde las propiedades del adaptador de red (emergenci use net adapter propietarie unistall service named: NDISKHAZ..... and recovery conexion to Internet) para recuperar el servicio de internet y buscar los programas que necesiten etc.... la version v16 esta muy buena seguire experimentando haber que pasa.- de todas formas me parece extraño que existiera una ip y mac fuera de mi red wifi que estaba en el rango ip de la compañia ISP prestadora del servicio de internet ocmo si me estuvieran expiando o tratando de bloquear el hotspot.. en fin, eso exito a todos y disculpen lo loco de todo esto he estado horas sin dormir tratando y solucionando este problema....


2 years ago

Yo trabajo este sistema desde su version numero 9.... Yo le he dado la idea de usar redes sociales para iniciar sesiones al desarrollador del programa de nombre kalil, el no responde preguntas pero escucha ideas, y vi como un año despues usaba el acceso con redes sociales al sistema y le voy comentando, los problemas que van surgiendo, esta vez estoy igual como el amigo, del come tario, error sin conexion a internet... Y ya usando la version numero 16 del programa, un mes atras, resolvi la instalacion firmando un archivo .sys del programa con un hack para resolver el acceso a internet, pero esta vez ya no funciona. Sigo intentando quitar antivirus y otros programas que pudiesen afectar el uso... Y la version 16 es lejos la mas estable de todas las versiones de myhotspot software... Yo he modificado a tal grado el sistema que transmito radio online usando vlc, y la pagina principal la modifique usando boostrap, con backgroung fade, los idiomas son muy faciles de mejorar....


3 years ago

Can you tell me how to change the Wifi Connection Security from WPA2 to No Authentication ?


3 years ago

Thank you so Much for this!,

but i need one more thing, can i make the Network with No authentication Security? This is really important, please help.

3 years ago

Can you tell me, how to edit login page? Or can you suggest an other program for it? Thank you


3 years ago

Thank you very much, it's a great tutorial. My hotspot ir running like a charm but i can't get register users from captive portal. Can you help me, please!


4 years ago

Can you add instructions on how to change the currency, it is in euros, but my local currency is USD. also after looking though the program, I found out it logs everything, and you have to delete the files, by any chance, do you know if there is a way it can clear this automatically without doing it manually? other then that you did awesome job, I love that you packed all of the files into a zip. thank u for making this it Really helped.

2 replies

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I will write a tutorial on how I changed the settings hopefully, I'll have it completed by friday on August 14th