Create Hundreds of Different Perfume - for Cheap

Today i'll share with you how to Create Hundreds Of Different Perfume - For Cheap.

Step 1: Part List

01. Portable Travel Perfume Atomizer Spray

02. Perfume

Step 2: Start

1. Remove the lid of Perfume bottle

2. Perfume bottle tube and spray bottle base alignment

3. Press down gently and observe the spray bottle capacity from the window

4. Repeat steps for other Perfume bottle

Step 3: Note

You can use a small amount of women's perfume if you are male and vice versa. It doesn't matter because you're mix a lot of perfume.

You can Press 1 time for the first perfume bottle and press 5 time for the second perfume bottle. By doing this you will create hundreds of different Perfume.

Please note your Formulas if you love it and use for next time.

Thanks for reading. You can support my by watching on Youtube. Thanks so much my friends.



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