Introduction: Create MOLDING With a ROUTER

I wanted to experiment making some simple moulding without a tilting router lift or a tilting router fence,using a common router bit set with no modifications except temporarily removing bearings. the results turned out great considering it was an EXPERIMENT but if would make a tilting router fence if I was making any moulding.

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    3 Discussions

    is there a router competition on now? this section's full of router ibles just overnight!

    2:30 get urself a knife that cuts :)

    and u seem to do very dangerous things. u should kerp ur hands off the router bits. u just get too close.

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    Thanks for the comment sparus,

    I always look where I place my hands when using power tools or a router table, but in this video I maybe get a bit close. But then again it can be hard to see on camera if your hand placement is close to the tool.

    And I do make sure I am safe but somtimes you can't live your life in bubble wrap, but u gotta just life life on the edge !