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Introduction: Create Non-Deletable File : Windows

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Hello everyone, In this instructable we are going to learn how to create Non-Deletable and inaccessible files on Windows PC.

Idea behind it:

In windows if you try to add any of following symbol /\:*?"<>| to your file name, Windows does not accepts that change.

But, What if you add these symbols to your file name?

I found that Windows was unable to perform any action over that file.

Step 1: Get the Files

Download Yumi multiboot and Ubuntu.

Get Yumi multiboot here.

I am using Ubuntu 13.04 but you can get the latest version here.

Step 2: Create Bootable Flash Drive.

Start YUMI and select the USB drive that you want to make bootable.

Then, Select the type of OS as Ubuntu.

Finally, Select the location of .iso file.

Once done, Restart the PC and boot using ubuntu.

Step 3: Rename Using Ubuntu

Start Ubuntu from boot menu.

When you see the Ubuntu welcome wizard select Try Ubuntu / Ubuntu live for new version of Ubuntu.

Now navigate to your file that you want to make Non-deletable.

Now right click and rename to anything but make sure to add any of these symbol /\:*?"<>|

For me, I renamed to "Test File*?<>.mp4" (I am doing this for a media file but the process works for any file)

Step 4: Done

Now shut down Ubuntu and start windows.

Then, try to delete that particular file and you won't be able to delete that. Well you can't even access, use or modify that file.

Even you are not allowed to modify or access it using Command Prompt on windows.

How to fix it back?

Till now I have found only two ways to remove that file or to make it accessible again.(If you have your own way add it in the comments)

  1. Roll back the process and remove the symbols using Ubuntu. Once you have removed the symbols you can use, modify or delete it.
  2. Format the Particular Partition or Drive to remove it (Which I think is not a practice solution)

Thanks for viewing.

Further questions or suggestions are welcome.



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    2 years ago

    Have you tried deleting it with CCleaner, Malwarevytes or SuperAntiSpyware

    2 replies

    I tried using CCleaner doesn't worked for me.

    Not yet.
    But yes I am sure to try that.

    You could just delete the file using cygwin (linux console for windows), as well as creating similar files without going through ubuntu