Create Stencils Using Photoshop or GIMP(Free)




Introduction: Create Stencils Using Photoshop or GIMP(Free)

Create your own Stencils very easily using Photoshop or GIMP(free)
I would love to win this contest so i will never have to cut a stencil again!:D

Supplies needed:
Photoshop or GIMP(free)
a picture
cutting board
exacto knife or something to cut with
spray paint

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Step 1: FInding a Picture!

Start by finding the image that you want to make a stencil out of. This one wasnt the easiest to cut so i would find something simple to start with. Once you find your image drag or save it to the desktop for easy access.

Step 2: Uploading Your Picture

Open up Photoshop or GIMP(free) and upload the picture

Step 3: Creating the Stencil

Search for threshold and click on it.  If you cant search it, go to Image>Adjustments>Threshold.  Do the same exact thing if you are using GIMP.

Step 4: Threshold

after you load it search for Threshold and click on it. Or go to Image>Adjustments>Threshold.  When you click on it the image should turn black and white and a window should pop up.  There is a sliding bar at the bottom of the graph like looking thing which allows you to control the intensity of it. Slide the bar to your liking and then click ok.

Step 5: Complete Stencil

After your done you should have a nice little black and white stencil.  Save the picture then print it.

Step 6: Print It

You should then have a printed copy of your stencil. sorry about the upside down picture, for some reason the website uploaded it like this.  Get out a cutting board and an exacto knife to begin with.  Depending on the picture your using you might either have to cut out the white or the black it's up to you.  For this picture I cut out the black.

Step 7: Cutted Stencil

after your done cutting you should have a nice stencil like this.  What you will need next is any color spray paint youd like to use, Tape, your stencil of course, and lots of paper.

Step 8: Putting It Together

Using one piece of tape, tape a sheet of paper to the back of the stencil at the top so it will hold it down and be easier to get off.  Then take it out side or where ever and lay sheets of paper on top and all around of the stencil to protect the finish product, and the ground from being tagged. You dont have to use this much paper I just went paper crazy:3  After everything is set up lightly spray paint the stencil, dont go over board or you will ruin the stencil and it will bleed through the paper.

Step 9: Finsished Product

Remove the top stencil and then you have you finished picture! Here are some other stencils that I made.

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    Good job! I didnt know about Gimp before either so Im so glad I saw your post! Looking forward to seeing your next creations! :)


    7 years ago on Introduction

    You don't appear to mention that you need to leave small attachment bridges to keep the parts together in places.