Create Your Amiibo's Alter Ego

Create your own custom amiibo by replacing it with an action figure of your choice.

Step 1: the Supplies You Will Need

For this project you will need an amiibo, action figure, saw, sand paper, glue gun, box cutter, spray adhesive, mod podge and a picture of your action figure. (The picture you can make in Keynote or Powerpoint.)

Step 2: Cutting the Box

To cut the box you will need box cutters. Carefully cut around the edge of the plastic and remove the figure. Set aside all the other parts of the box as you will be using them later.

Step 3: Cutting the Figure Off the Base

You will need the saw to cut the figure off the base. It's easiest to make your cuts all around the object or to turn the object occasionally while you saw.

Step 4: Sanding

Once sawed, the base might be a bit rough. Use your sand paper to sand off the rough edges.

Step 5: Attaching the Figure

Next you will need the glue gun. Apply glue to the bottom of your figure and attach it in the middle of the base.

Step 6: Boxing It Up

Next take the box cutter and cut the back plastic off so that your new figure will fit.

Step 7: Glueing the Picture to the Cardboard

Remember the cardboard I told you to set aside? You are going to use it now. Take the new picture and spray the back of the picture with the adhesive. (I created my box art in Keynote by cutting and pasting logos and pictures of the replacement character.) Attach it as carefully as you can to the cardboard. I applied Mod Podge to all the edges so they would stay down.

Step 8: Glueing the Plastic Box to the Cardboard.

Next take your glue gun and line the edges of the plastic box with glue. Then attach the glued edges to the cardboard.

Step 9: Final Product

Great job! Now you have your own custom amiibo.



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    2 years ago

    Hahaha very fun! Thanks for sharing! Best of luck in the contest!

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    2 years ago

    So cool! Love the graphics.