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Introduction: Create Your Own Altered Art in 60 Minutes!

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You can create a beautiful altered art mixed media keepsake in just 60 MINUTES! Whether you want to nurture your inner artist or need a quick, cheap, unique gift idea - play along and follow these simple steps. Above all, you will enjoy making your very own original art piece.

Let's get the FUN started!

Suggested Materials:

Prepare all the materials before beginning your project. Here's the list of what you will need (feel free to use substitutes when it comes to paint colors, product brands, or choice of imagery for your design):

  • 4"x4" Ampersand Gessobord (sold in a pack of 4)*
  • Background paper (acid free)
  • An image for your centerpiece (focal point of the composition) — you may want to use an abstract design, an actual photo, or just an image from a clip art at iCLIPART
  • 1' of ribbon of your choice
  • 3-5 buttons
  • An embellishment or a sticker of your choice for a secondary element of design
  • 6" of Mouline (color of your choice) at your local fabric/crafts store
  • Golden Soft Gel Semi-Gloss*
  • Liquitex Matte Medium*
  • Golden Gel Topcoat w/UVLS (Semi-Gloss)*
  • Liquitex Raw Umber acrylic paint*
  • 1 Flat Brush #6
  • Glue Gun
  • Exacto Knife

* Available from Dick Blick

Once you have all your supplies lined up, you can set the timer for 60 minutes. Ready. Set. Go!

Step 1: Step 1

Paint the sides of the gesso board with Liquitex Basics Acrylic Paints Raw Umber using brush #1 and let it dry for couple of minutes.

Step 2: Step 2

Put the gesso tile-board on the sheet of decorative paper that you'll use for the background. Align the straight edges and cut out the outline of the tile (all four outer edges) using the Exacto Knife.

Step 3: Step 3

Apply generously Golden Soft Gel (Semi-Gloss) to the surface of the gesso board and place the cutout background paper on top of the gel layer. Make sure the corners have sufficient amount of gel as they tend not to adhere very well. Once the paper is in place, apply a thin amount of Golden Soft Gel to the surface of the paper (it will create a nice flat texture and will add a bit of sheen). It takes between 10-15 minutes for the surface to be dried enough so, you can proceed to the next step.

ARTIST'S TIP! A hair dryer, set on low, will speed up the drying, or you can place your art work near a vent register.

Step 4: Step 4

Again, apply a generous coat of Golden Soft Gel, this time to the back of your main image, and place it in the slightly off-center position, somewhat to the left on top of the gesso tile ( or you may want to experiment with your own ideas!) Put a light coat of Soft Gel on top of the image. Let it dry for 10 minutes (you may try to use a hair dryer, on low setting, to speed up the drying process).

Step 5: Step 5

Measure and cut 4 pieces of ribbon that will serve a borders to your image. Apply a generous amount of Golden Soft Gel to the sides of the image and place each piece of ribbon in their place, gently tap the excess of gel medium out and remove it with your brush. Once in place, use brush #1 to apply two coats of Liquitex Matte Medium to the surface of each piece of ribbon. Let it dry for about ten minutes. Again, a hair dryer SAVES time!

Step 6: Step 6

Place a sticker or an embellishment directly below the main image. I like to use a colored marker or paint an outline of the embellishment in order to bring out more contrast. I call it a 'POP-UP EFFECT' — as the image pops, or seems to be leaping out of the composition. In this case, I first applied a very thin, watered-down coat of Golden Indian Yellow Hue acrylic paint to the surface of my sticker in order to tone it down. Then I immediately followed with an outline utilizing Golden Raw Umber acrylic paint.

Step 7: Step 7

This is my FAVORITE part! Let's line up those cute buttons — 3-5 will do it, depending on the size you choose. In the meantime plug in your heating gun. Once you settled on the button combination and placement, thread the Mouline through each one, going through both holes. Using the heating gun attach the buttons to the surface of your artwork (in my example, I placed them to the right of the main image).

Step 8: Step 8

Now, apply a thin coat of Liquitex Matte Medium with a brush #1 to the Mouline in order to set it in a desired placement. If necessary, cut the loose ends of the Mouline.

Step 9: Step 9

Apply a generous coat of Golden Gel Topcoat w/UVLS (Semi-Gloss), the BEST UV protection medium around (in my opinion). It will protect your art work from color fading due to the effects of UV radiation over time. This medium dries translucent in under 10 minutes!

Step 10: Step 10

IT IS DONE. FINISHED. COMPLETE. Congratulations on creating your very own Art Piece! Now, Show it OFF! Give It Away! Enjoy!

For more Step-by-Step Photo Tutorials and projects please visit my blog 'Thou Shall Live A Creative Life.'

© 20010 Tatiana Kuzyk. All rights reserved.

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    Very nice, do you supply to pub-outfitters?



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    Hi L,

    No, I don't supply to pub-outfitters..... would explain what excatly the pub-outfitters are?
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    In the pub-trade, it's common for the parent company to "theme" a pub(lic house) which involves decorating the place, and I see your art as being the sort of thing that could "theme" retail premises. But this would apply to restaurants and other businesses, the look is good enough that it could be adapted by many businesses for theming / interest. In short: wall art which has general appeal and is worth money.