Create Your Own Maze!




Introduction: Create Your Own Maze!

Sometimes you enjoy something more if you create it. A maze is something that you can do, no matter how creative or patient you are.

Step 1:


- White Cardboard

-Wooden sticks

-A sheet Protector

-A small marble

-A ruler

-An easy cutter

-Hot glue gun

- A spring

Step 2:

First, you have to sketch the design that you want for your maze or create a picture in your mind (but is better to sketch it on paper). You can be as creative as you want or stay as simple as you want.

Step 3:

After having a sketch either on paper or your mind, start to think about measurements and think about how big or small you want it.

Step 4:

Think very carefully about the size you want your maze to be. Measure and cut your base from the cardboard.

Step 5:

Then draw your maze on your base with pencil first. Make sure that you leave the same amount of space between the lines and maybe you want to make sure that the marble fits in the spaces before you do anything.

Step 6:

Okay, for this step you will need to measure every line and cut the wooden sticks so that you can glue them to the cardboard.

Step 7:

For this step, you will need to have a lot of patience because you'll have to glue the wooden sticks to the cardboard and you have to make sure that they are straight and the right measurement. Sometimes they come out really crooked.

Step 8:

WOHOHOO!!! You're halfway through completing your maze. Now you will need to cut the sheet protector and half and just use that one half. Place it on top of your maze and tape it with glue.

Step 9:

You might think that you're done but let's be more creative. You're almost done!

Step 10:

We're going to glue a piece of cardboard and then a spring with hot glue on the bottom of your maze, so that you can move your maze more easily.

Step 11:

YAYYY!!!!! We're done, now you can decide where to put it. You can make a base with cardboard and put it on any flat surface

Step 12:

And finally make everyone jealous with your very unique maze.

Step 13:

This is not a step but it can help you visualize the final product.

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