Create Your Own Paint Brush Cleaning Container



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Create your own paint brush cleaning container for cheap to make clean up and cleaning your paint brushes after painting a lot easier!

Step 1: Gather Your Materials.

Gather your materials:

• Recycled jar/container with sealable screw-top lid.
• Wire mesh strainer (such as a vegetable strainer, or even a sink strainer).
• Wire cutters.

Step 2: Assemble.

Take your wire cutters and cut the wire mesh from the strainer.
Then take the cut mesh and place it at bottom of jar. (Make sure your recycled jar/container is all cleaned out.) You want the wire mesh to fit snugly so it can retain its dome shape.

Step 3: Finish.

Pour in paint thinner (or any solvent you prefer for cleaning paint brushes) about an inch above strainer. To clean a brush, just wipe/brush bristles along and against strainer.

That's it!



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