Create Your Own Toy Dragon


My name is Gavin, I'm 8 years old, and I'm helping my dad with this instructable.

First, get an action figure.  I used a Vilgax from Ben10.

Next, get parts and pieces from other toys.  I got all of mine from Ben10 figures.  I got the head from Ultimate Humongasaur, tail from regular Humongasaur.  Also parts of SixSix' arms.  I also found wings from Swampfire's Dragon.

Other materials used are cardstock I found on the back of a sprial notebook, and blue masking tape.

Step 1: Head Swap

Roll a piece of masking tape with sticky side out to attach Ultimate Humongasaur's head to the upper chest of Vilgax' body.

Step 2: Make Arms Longer

Use blue masking tape to attach SixSix' arms to ends of Vilgax' arms.

Step 3: Add Wings

Put a piece of tape vertically on back of Vilgax' body. Put tape on back of the wings and stick them to the tape on Vilgax' back.

Step 4: Attach Tail

Use blue masking tape to attach Humongasaur's tail to Vilgax posterior.

Step 5: Make and Add Horns

Make two small triangles and one large triangle-shaped horns using scissors to cut them out of the cardstock.

Tape them to the back of Ultimate Humongasaur's head.

Step 6: Cover With Blue Tape

Cover his arms, but not his hands, with the blue masking tape.  Also cover his body with blue masking tape.  I chose to not cover the legs in tape because they were already blue.  I then covered his shoulders in tape and covered his back but not the wings.  Finally I covered his tail in blue masking tape.

Step 7: Play or Display

The Ultimate Dragon is now complete.  I would recommend for you to put your custom figure on display.  It is very easy to break it especially at the arms or tail because the tape just isnt very strong or bendable.

Especially don't let children under 3 years of age get a hold of this because they could easily break it and it has lots of small parts they could choke on.  Take my word, I have the experience because of my little brother because he's broken a few of the things I've made already.

I hope you make your own figure and have fun.



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