Create a Beautiful Wood Mushroom Pot With Scrap Wood




Introduction: Create a Beautiful Wood Mushroom Pot With Scrap Wood

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Create a cool mushroom pot!

Step 1: Take the Wood to Create the Mushroom Body

i am using a cheap plank of pine wood, with a circular saw i ve cut 6 pieces to create a body to my mushroom, sure that you can modify that and make your own design and even use nicer wood!

Step 2: Turning, Sanding and Boring

after gluing all pieces together you going to get a body, but very rough piece of body, now we need to smooth things out, i decide to use my homemade lathe, but if you dont have any lathe, just sand the wood untill it gets nice to touch, after that , im boring in my drill press than after turning inside with my lathe

Step 3: Create the Mushroom Head or Lid of the Wood Pot

that part are more like the last part, i didnt have more wood so i have to use mdf material.

i did the same thing cut 4 bigger parts and 2 smaller with my hole saw and glue it up, than form the mushroom shape on the lathe

Step 4: Measuring the Lid and Finishing

while turn the head of the pot use a caliper or a ruler to measure the fit diameter of the two than, it just finishing.

For this project i ve used plastic eva paint and lacquer.

Making the eyes: That part is optional, i did because look cute and remember mario´s games!

Measure the middle of the body of the mushroom than trace with a pencil, and drill two holes, one up and other down than just trimm with a file the eye profile!

Step 5: Thats It!

I find those mushroom pots, very cute and i want to gave them as a gift to my sister who is making birthday that month! I hope you enjoy! and make your own! with finer wood, and away better! my goal was to use cheap a no cost wood to make that project! But you are free to do your own! I hope i ve inspired you!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    It's so cute! Looks like a fun woodworking project :)