Create a Fresh Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Introduction: Create a Fresh Floral Thanksgiving Centerpiece

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This design demonstration, A Thanksgiving centerpiece will give you step-by-step instructions to create a wonderful festive table decoration sure to bring the season of autumn to life at your next gathering this holiday season.

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Step 1: Supplies

Start by taking an inventory of your design supplies. You will need containers and floral foam. I like to work with at least 2/3 of a brick of foam for each arrangement. This will give you plenty of room for candles and flowers, too! For mechanics, you will need waterproof tape, candle anchors and Oasis floral adhesive. To order these supplies visit the link below.

Tools and supplies from Flower School

Step 2: Candle Mechanics

You can vary the height of your candles by using anchors on some and inserting others directly into the foam. For the “directly–into-the-foam” candles, whittle the end into a point for easier insertion. Using cold glue or Oasis floral adhesive will help secure the candles to the foam.

Step 3: Arrangement Mechanics

Soak your foam in water mixed with flower food and secure it into the container with waterproof tape. Place your candles near the center. To ensure even burning, leave 3 fingers space between each. A dollop of Oasis floral adhesive at the insertion point of each candle will keep it straight and firmly in position.

Step 4: Adding Foliage

Place your foliages in the foam using a radial pattern around the container. Be sure to insert your stems at least two inches into the foam to ensure they drink and stay fresh as long as possible.

Here we chose to use salal, oregonia and autumn leaves. Combining three foliage varieties gives the design interest and beauty even without the fresh flowers.

Step 5: Flowers!

The flowers also radiate evenly from the center binding point around the container. Be sure all the stems are inserted deeply into the foam – just like the foliages two inches is best. Again ensuring that the blossoms will continue to drink and stay beautiful as long as possible. You can place the flowers in groupings or dispurse them even through out the design depending on what looks best to you. Mix and match your flowers for fun. A classic centerpiece certainly does not have to be boring!

For this design we used:
1 lily
1 rose
2 miniature gerbera daisy
3 carnations
5 tulips

Just 12 flowers create a design that is full and luxurious!

Step 6: Finishing Touches

To finish the design, wind tendrils of curly willow throughout. Over, under, all around – the winding movement adds dynamic line, movement, and interest to the arrangement. Now you are ready for a festive gathering of family and friends. This is sure to make a grad addition to any Thanksgiving table. For more inspiration, information or to order supplies please visit our website at Have fun, and happy crating!

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