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Introduction: Create a GIF on Imgur

Imgur is an image sharing site that features tons of user created content. Animated GIFs are an extremely popular form of user created content that you see all over Imgur, and now you can make your own GIFs with their easy to use GIF making tool!

Step 1: Click "Upload Images"

On your computer, go to and click the blue drop down menu at the top that says “upload images”.

Step 2: Select "Video to GIF"

Now you want to select Video to GIF from the drop down list.

Step 3: Place Video URL

Paste video URL in specified area. (I usually copy and paste a URL from a video I like on YouTube.)

Step 4: Edit

The video will begin to play in Imgur. Using the tab under the play bar of the video, drag it to the spot which you want to begin your GIF.

Step 5: Edit

Now that you have your begin point set, you want to drag the tab to determine the duration, or length of your GIF. Remember, a GIF should be a short, quick animation.

*NOTE: to test out length of your GIF to see how it looks, just push the play button. This is handy for fine-tuning the length of your GIF.

Step 6: Create

When you have determined an appropriate length for your GIF, simply click “Create GIF” button under the video. (This step can take some time, so be patient!)

Step 7: Conclusion

Once your GIF is complete, you will end up at this screen. Here is where you can publish your freshly created GIF using the provided URL on the right or you can publish to directly to Imgur using their green button.

Congratulations on creating your very own GIF using Imgurs incredibly simple GIF Maker!

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4 Discussions


4 months ago on Step 3

Youtube is not allowed anymore. What videos do they allow?


2 years ago

I am using Licacap software for animated images, I dont think Imgur is working properly for animated images


Question 2 years ago on Step 7

Nicely explained, thanks! Do you also know how to post a GIF in a comment on Imgur, from a PC? I can find numerous explanations for mobile, but that doesn't work for PC...