Create a Good Looking Garden

Introduction: Create a Good Looking Garden

About: I love gardening and making stuff for the garden and the house.

I bought this house recently but it didn't have much when it comes to plants, fence, protection, etc. So I am adding stuff. I started with this wall that faces a business (Private Tennis Business- They have 3-4 large courts)

I prepared the wall. I added the faux brick (cement) wall, good dirt, other things and I started planting my plants.

One of favourite plants are the Canna Lily Genus because they are beautiful, resistance to winter, comes in many varieties, etc. They are easy to take care also.

I also made a large planter infront of the house facing the street. I have planted as much as I could in this large planter made with decorative blocks.

I will add more as time permits. I have added another faux brick on the other side of the property that is facing a empty lot.

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Step 1: More Plants

I added some full size Cannas. This flower first. I used to have a similar variety in a house in Texas.

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    1 year ago

    Nice looking faux brick wall! : )