Create a PDF


Introduction: Create a PDF

Don't know how they all make those fancy PDFs? This Instructable will show you how.

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Step 1: Software You Need

Well, you can't make a PDF without anything, now can you?

You need:

  • Adobe Reader (free, download here)
  • PDFCreator (free, download here)
  • Any software that allows printing (Word, Firefox, Writer, etc.)

Done downloading and installing? OK, move on to the next step.

Step 2: Make Your "PDF"!

Create a document, picture, spreadsheet, whatever. Just make sure that the software can print that file.

I've created a simple document, ready to be made into a PDF.

Step 3: "Print" Your PDF!

Now, go to the print option in your program. Select the PDFCreator option in the printer selection, and click OK.

Fill in the forms that the PDFCreator window gives you. Now you're just a click away from a PDF.

Step 4: You're Done!

Congrats! Now that you've printed your PDF, use it for whatever you want. Manuals, read-mes (Who reads those nowadays?). whatever. You can see the comparison between the original document and the printed PDF below.



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    4 Discussions

    Word 2007 and higher already have PDF exporting, so there's no need for the PDF printer. However it is good for other programs that do not have PDF exporting.

    I like PDF-XChange Viewer. The best pdf viewing application I've ever used.

    I use OpenOffice, it do this successfull and easily: Main menu - File - Export as PDF.

    I use foxit reader it is free and uses much less resource than the adobe overbloat..try it you will see!