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In this video Instructable I will be showing you how to build a really awesome shard light!

To create this shard light you'll need the following materials.

An LED light strip:

A piece of 12mm thick MDF
A 12x12 cm square of 1mm thick hardwood
A sheet of veneer
Two pieces of plexiglass
A 12v DC adapter,
two short pieces of wire,
and a decent length of thin two core wire (a cable from an old set of headphones is perfect for this).

You'll also need the following tools...
A fine toothed saw,
a fine knife,
a metal ruler, a pencil, and a right-angle ruler
a clamp,
some wood glue and a brush to apply it with, and also some silicon based glue though a glue gun will also be suitable.
You'll also need a soldering iron and solder,
Wire strippers and some scissors,
A drill with a small bit,
And lastly some finishing oil.

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knex r awesome

3 years ago

sounds cool, I hope I get to build it soon


5 years ago

Can u please upload it on some other site? Unfortunately youtube is banned in Pakistan :(

1 reply

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

I know this is probably around 12 months too late, but if I was you I'd get my self a vpn, or use the tor browser. (the tor browser requires some fiddling to get flash working though), alternatively I believe tunnelbear have a free version with 500mb of data.


5 years ago

I've done something similar in the past and forgot about it until saw this! So made a new one for my girlfriend but etched my plexiglass and put 45 degree chamfers on the edges of the shards using a table router! Thanks for the right up! :)

2014 14:36.jpg2014 14:36.jpg2014 14:36.jpg
6 replies

4 years ago on Introduction

Here's my version. Unfortunately no one around me sells veneer in anything less than $100 3m2 sheets so I had to steal a part from some shelves. I did however get it to light up different colours using a 5050 strip which puts RGB on one diode. On front is a remote receiver. The receiver did work inside the base using the acrylic to bounce the remote signal inside but it only had about 50cm range. It looks really good fading through the colours at night.

1 reply

5 years ago

Great idea! You could also try it with glass, or even quartz (clear or 'ghostly', not translucent), then it would be a proper crystal shard light.


5 years ago on Introduction

Great project with awesome results! This was one of the best Instructables I have seen yet!!!