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Most people don't use Linux and don't want to install it to their system, but what if you really need it?

This guide will show you in steps how to create a Ubuntu Live USB. It means that you run Ubuntu from your flash disk without installing!

Let's get started!

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Step 1: Getting the Programs

You need LiLi USB Creator to create your Ubuntu USB, it is third-party software.

You can download it from

If the download or installation for some reason fails, please comment what happend during the installation process.

Let's move on!

Step 2: Getting Ubuntu ISO From the Official Ubuntu Website [optional]

You need the Ubuntu ISO or else you can't create your live USB.

To get Ubuntu from their official website, go to

When you have the ISO move on.

Step 3: Installing Ubuntu Onto Your Flash Disk

WARNING: You need to format your disk in order to continue!

First, open up LiLi. LiLi can usally be found in the start menu.

When LiLi is open, you need to tweak several options:

- Set the USB flash disk drive in the drive selector drop down.

- Choose the source of your Ubuntu image (you can download Ubuntu from there).

- Set up persistence (change the size to a size that you are comfortable with).

- Format your USB and deselect all the check boxes in step 4.

- If you need to tweak additional options, click the options button.

When all is set up, click the lightning icon and when it finishes, restart your PC to boot into the live USB!

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