Create a Beautiful Wine Bottle Gift Tote




Introduction: Create a Beautiful Wine Bottle Gift Tote

Wine bottle sleeve: make it in 20 minutes

Need gift wrap in a hurry?  This wine bottle tote was quick and easy.   

What you need:
1. Sweater of your choosing.  I used an adult size cotton holiday sweater
2. Scissors or a cutting wheel (use a cutting mat with a cutting wheel)
3. Long straight pins
4. Needle and thread or a sewing machine (I used a machine).

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Step 1: Step 1 : Measure and Cut the Sweater

1. Estimate your length for the sleeve.  I planned on 15” for a standard bottle
2. Using your scissors or cutting wheel, cut 16” up from the cuff bottom (you will be close to the armpit to cut.)  This allows an extra inch for your seam.
3. After you cut your sleeve place it on a flat surface and even up the top of the cuff.  Observe if the sleeve at armpit end is uneven and cut a straight line across if needed.
4. From your remaining sweater fabric you need to cut out a bottom for your sleeve.  I cut a 5” square from the sweater.

Step 2: Step 2: Assemble Your Gift Tote

5. Turn your sweater sleeve inside out.
6. Using your straight pins, pin your square to the armpit end of the sleeve so that your insides of the sweater are showing to the outside.   You should only need 4 pins to secure the bottom to the sleeve
7. Now using a machine or your needle and thread, sew the bottom to the sleeve.
8. Once complete, trim off excess sweater and turn right side out. 
9. I found some cord from a used gift bag and a decorative tassle for the tie.  If you have some extra yarn lying about you could also braid a cord and make a pompom for the final touch.

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