Create a Hardware Store Jet Engine!




Introduction: Create a Hardware Store Jet Engine!

Jet engines are fun.What could be better than fire,noise,and power?Unfortunatley jet engines of any type arent easy to make unless you have welding experience or acess to a machine shop.

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Step 1: Supplies You Need.

for the small jet y ou will need...a 1/8 by 1 1/2 brass nipple,A 1/8 by 3 brass nipple,A 1/4 by 2 brass nipple,And two 1/4 to 1/8 brass reducers.
For the large jet you will need A 3/8 by 1 brass nipple,a 1/8 by 1/2 brass nipple,a1/8 by 3 brass nipple,two 3/8 brass couplings,and two 3/8 to 1/8 bushings.
For both jets you will need a vice,two propane torches (or just one and a windproof lighter)But the large jet needs a regular bernzomatic torch and the smaller one needs the quikfire,you will also need some pliers.

Step 2: Build the Combustion Chamber.

attach the two reducers to the 1/4 nipple nice and tight.

Step 3: Add the Intake and Exaust.

attach the two 1/8 nipples to the combuston chamber.

Step 4: Smal Jet Completed!

this is what it should look like.

Step 5: Lets Build the Bigger One!

Attach the 3/8 nipple,couplings,and bushings together so it looks like the picture.

Step 6: Attach Intake and Exaust.

attach the two 1/8 nipples to the bushings.

Step 7: Big Jet Completed.

It should look like the picture.

Step 8: Pre Run Check.

everything tight? are you in a place with few flammable objects? do you know how to treat burns? do you have your bucket of water or a water hose? If so,Lets fire these jets up!

Step 9: Run the Small One.

position your jet in the vice with the intake facing the quickfire torch to almost full power but do not light! light your other torch or windproof lighter,bring the torch near but not touching the intake position the lit torch or lighters flame bettween the intake and torch,then adjust torches position until a steady hum is achived then remove lighter or lit torch. adjust throttle and torch until your satisfied with perfomance.

Step 10: Run the Big One.

Starting is the same as the small one but instead of a hum a high pithced whine and/or whooshing noise should be acheived.
Note torch venturi must be removed.

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