Create a Pot-holder From an Old T-Shirt

Introduction: Create a Pot-holder From an Old T-Shirt

Let's do some upcycling by turning an unwanted item into something new and useful. Here is the yarn ball we made out of an old T-shirt. Waste not, want not, we decided to recycle it into a pot-holder.

You can make whatever you want from it, the limiting factor your imagination, your knitting skills and the size of your T-shirt.  You can stitch multiple strings of yarn together to make a bigger ball.

Let's show you the process to do this.

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Step 1: Type of T-shirt to Use and How to Cut It.

Make sure to use a T-shirt free from printing, embroidery and any joints or seams.  Use one with no seam at the left or right side.

Ideally a top as you will have less waste, or if you have a regular T-shirt you will need to cut it  just where the sleeves start, so only the bottom part is used.  So you'll end up with a piece of cloth with no joints or seams.

Depending on the effort you want to put into it, you can either cut of the bottom seam or open it up

Step 2: Cutting the Strips Into Yarn

Fold the T-shirt as shown on the photo  from side to side, leaving a few centimeters or an inch allowance.  You can fold it multiple times as long as you leave that small part at the end.

The width of the strip will determine the thickness of your yarn, but the minimum is 15 mm, anything less than this, the process will fail.

When done cutting unfold it.

Step 3: Cut a Continuous Strip & Roll Your Yarn Into Ball

Cut the strips at an angle from one strip to the next creating one continuous strip.

Step 4: Knit the Pot-holder

We are not going into detail on how to knit as this is basic knitting but for instructions on how to knit a square we will have a look at this youtube video.  

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