Create a Web Server Using W5500-EVB

Introduction: Create a Web Server Using W5500-EVB

I will introduce Web Server & W5500-EVB

It is Create by WIZnet and Very easy Making Web Server.

below description is W5500-EVB Overview.


- W5500 chip development platform for net enabled microcotroller applications

- Ethernet (W5500 Hardwired TCP/IP chip) and 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 based designs
- Arduino Pin-compatible platform hardware.

WIZnet W5500 Hardwired TCP/IP chip
Hardwired TCP/IP embedded Ethernet controller
SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) Microcontroller Interface
32kB internal Tx/Rx socket buffer memory
Hardwired TCP/IP stack supports TCP, UDP, IPv4, ICMP, ARP, IGMP, and PPPoE protocols
Easy to implement of the other network protocols
W5500 Product page

For more information about W5500-EVB please also refer to the Wiki page

Step 1: Step : 1 Parts

- You will need the following to build a controller:

1. W5500-EVB(Evaluation) Board - from WIZnet

- Also You will need the LPCXpresso

Configuration to NXP Cortex-M0 in W5500-EVB Board

It is Free Tool ! But, You need Free license Activate. Because a limitation Space.

So, access NXP Free Tools - LPCXpresso Web Site and Create new account.

For more information about install LPCXpresso please also refer to the Wiki page

and Flash magic tool for W5500-EVB porting. So, Check the this Setting to Flash Magic.

Step 2: Step 2 : Flow Chart

First, You Look for Desription Sequential Flow chart (Block Diagram)
Sequence = HTTP Request Parser -> HTTP GET Method -> Requested Web content Found -> Load the Web content from storage -> HTTP Response HTTP/1.1 200 OK + HTTP body -> Send HTTP Response.

Second,This project Use to HTTP Protocol based and HTTP header GET Method. But Not Used POST, PUT, HEAD etc.. header

For more information about Hypertext Transfer Protocol please also refer to the Wiki page

Third, HTTP is Configuration to Server / Client.
– HTTP Server : Embedded device(W5500-EVB)
– HTTP Client : Web browser (Internet Explore, Chrome etc..)
Web server is operating for HTTP based.
Request to Web server from Web browser -> Web server is Transport to response message to web browser(web page)

This project is Not Using Javascript & JSON. Just Using C & HTML Language. It is vey simply source code. Check the Code for My Blog. Thank you

Step 3: Step 3 : Web Server Operate

This Content is Web Server LED Control and Web Server ADC Monitoring examples
It is WIZnet Ethernet Loop back based. and It's upload to github.
Follow this URLWIZnet Ethernet Loop back Code in github

Examples Source code : Follow site

Follow the Youtube :

1. Web server LED control

2. Web server ADC Monitoring

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