Create an OFFBIT

Introduction: Create an OFFBIT

About: The OFFBITS is a design studio dedicated to creating the world's first "open source toy" - DIY kits made from upcycled standard hardware components designed to be re-designable, customizable, and personaliza...

What are OFFBITS?

The OFFBITS are cool little model robots, designed with unused and unloved bits and pieces which are upcycled and transformed into something so much greater.

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Step 1: The Art of Spare Parts

The OFFBITS starter kits come with all the necessary parts and instructions for assembling one of the four characters. Besides the nifty packaging, you’ll find that a lot of the components are basically the same nuts and bolts you can find in any hardware store, except we've up-cycled the heck out of them through custom finishing and painting processes.

Step 2: Starting With the Head

Connect the head to the neck

If you’ve ever changed a lightbulb or installed an elevator you might recognize the "head" piece's humble origins - the Screw Terminal, affectionately known as a “Choc Block”. The "neck" is a small u-shaped piece, originally crafted by cutting steel chain links in half. Connect them by slipping the neck in to the head's small aperture.

Step 3: Skeleton Time

Insert the skeleton between the head and the neck.

The OFFBITS' "skeleton" is actually the U-shaped part of a cable fastener - normally used to hold the edges of steel wire rope and other types of strong cables that can't be easily tied or connected. Here we use it to hold the robot together.

Step 4: Pulling Up Your Pants

Slide pants on skeleton, hang arms on neck, screw in small nuts

The "pants" and small nuts also come from a cable fastener. The "arms" are custom-made by us, based on a wall connector for electric sockets. Holding the pieces together while you screw in the nuts is a bit tricky but we're pretty sure you can do it.

Step 5: Put a Spring in Your Step

Thread legs on ends of skeleton and screw feet on legs

While the "feet" are good ol' fashioned 5/7 thread nuts, the legs are a fancy kind of interconnectable spring you can only find in OFFBITS kits! Warning: making extra-long springs can be VERY addicting :)

Step 6: Enter the Brain

Slide brain into head.

This little metal cylinder is what makes terminal blocks work, and gives OFFBITS their creativity. It's hard to explain exactly what happens, but the transformation is magical!

Step 7: All Eyes on Me

Screw the eyestalks in the brain and the eyeballs on them

Threaded rods come in a variety of sizes, we managed to find just the right ones! The M4 nuts give OFFBITS their wide-eyed innocence.

Step 8: Hear Me See Me

Slide ears into the brain and tighten with eyestalks

Each OFFBIT character has a different kind of ear (fastener, washers, terminals or nuts) with its own set of OFFBIT powers, so each kit has a different look - listen carefully.and you'll see them all!

Step 9: Ta Da Mmmmmmmmm

Your OFFBIT is ready!

Adjust the feet so it can stand on its own, and use the included magnet to position in your favorite place. Now you have learned the art of spare parts!

Step 10: Become a Master Creator!

The idea behind The OFFBITS is using the cool little bits around you to customize your robot and make your own creations. In your toolbox, cupboards, and drawers you can find all the extra parts you need to let your creativity free; check out what our community is doing and share your own!

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    3 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    These look way fun! I can see many people deciding to make their own super fun offbits as well. The possibilities are endless!

    The Offbits
    The Offbits

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks for the kind words Troy!

    It's really gratifying that a master Maker like yourself can see the potential in what we're trying to do - change the way people think, create, and play. We have high hopes of getting the instructables community involved in our "open source toy" concept, it will be amazing to see what the people here can make!

    Meanwhile there are three ways to contribute to our efforts:

    a. use these instructions as a guide to create your own additions to the OFFBITS universe and inspire others to do the same by uploading your creations here

    b. help us reach our funding goal on KickStarter and make the Starter Kits a reality for everyone:

    c. spread the news to friends and fellow community members and encourage them to also do a., b., and c. :)

    Looking forward to seeing your OFFBIT inventions!

    - Avner


    5 years ago

    Do you buy the offbits on your kickstarter by backing the project with a certain amount of money?