Create Your OWN Awesome Penspinning Pen!!!

Introduction: Create Your OWN Awesome Penspinning Pen!!!

Penspinning is an art that many people are passionate about. It is awesome to watch other people do it, but if you want more and want to be able to try it out yourself, then you will need to CREATE A PENSPINNING PEN FIRST! In this instructable I will teach you how you can easily create an awesome penspinning pen with simple materials.

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Step 1: The Materials

Before you get started with the actual creation, you have to get the materials. As you can see in the picture, a great variety of materials is not needed. All you need are pens with grips and tips.
The grips and tips you will attach to the body pen, which in my case is the first pen from the left. Those will need to be in pairs of equal grips, due to the balance of weight.
The knife and the scissors you will need for cutting the grips into pieces.

Step 2: Add First Pair of Grips

So what you want to start off with is creating the basic structure of your penspinning pen. In the first image you can see all the parts of the first pair of pens I will be using. After you have separated all the parts like me, take the grips and put them onto the body pen like I did in the second picture. It should completely be on the pen, meaning that every part of the grip should be touching the pen.

Step 3: Editing Second Pair of Grips

Now, you have to understand that the pen will have different layers of grips. So the next step is to create the second pair of grips that you want to put onto the body pen you have right now.
So again, I separated all parts of the pens, as you can see in the first picture.
Then, I cut the grips. I personally chose to cut them in half and then cut one half into three equal pieces, as you can see in the third/ fourth image. It is possible to cut the grips with scissors, as well as with a knife. I personally prefer to use a knife, because I can cut cleaner with it than with scissors, but you can choose whatever you prefer.

Step 4: Put the Edited Grips Onto the Body Pen

This step might get a bit difficult, depending on the grips you are using. The reason is simple: Have you ever tried to rub two grip-like materials onto each other? If yes, you know that it is impossible. So, you will have to widen the grips first before putting them on. I have decided to put it the way you can see in the picture, but this is really personal preference. You should design your individual pen. It is important though that the last part (the remaining half grip in my case) is not completely on the body pen, so it should have an empty area where the tip can go in later.

Step 5: Repeat the Process on the Other Side

Now basically, do the same thing for the other side. So again, cut the grips as you can see in the pictures. The colour is really a personal choice, you can take the same colour as for the other side for example.

Step 6: Put on the Cut Grips

Just do the same as on the other side. You should pay attention to the length of the grips, they should be equally long on both sides.

Step 7: Separate the Parts of the Remaining Pens

Here, I took the remaining two pens, which are different from the other ones and as I needed individual parts of it, I separated them in the usual way.
After that was done, I took the tips of these pens and put them into the empty space that the grips on the body pen provide (see second image).
I chose these tips, as they are heavier than the other ones and so make it easier to do penspinning with them as they swing better.
If you look at your pen right now, you will realize that the tips are not really well attached to the pen. That is the reason why I put the remaining half of my grips onto the already existing grips, in order to secure the tip (see third image).

Step 8: Cut Last Pair of Grids and Put Them on the Body Pen

Because I wanted to create a pen that will not get destroyed as easily, I put on the last pair of grids. Therefore, I had to cut it (see first image) and then I just put it on. This might sound easy, but it isn't. Getting a grid onto three layers of grid is a really hard work. You really have to loosen up the grids before trying to put them on, otherwise your hands will need about a week to recover.

Step 9: You're Done!!!

By now you should have a pretty good idea about how to create a penspinning pen and maybe also have one already. I hope that this instructable was helpful to you, if you still have any questions just write them in the comment section. And now, get started with penspinning!!!

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7 Discussions

dhruv aggarwal
dhruv aggarwal

4 years ago

Which pen was used for the last grid?


Reply 10 months ago

if your talking about the blue pen it looks like a pilot g2 pen

Good tutorial. However you should actually start with pencils and pens then work your way up to modded pens like these.


Reply 10 months ago

I guess i'm a little late to this but you are entirely right you should always start with a basic pen then maybe use a modded pen like a bictory


4 years ago

Thanks man I searched to make a spinning pen like this for weeks thanks to you I made one. ....hope u will make other videos for pen spinning.


Nice job with your build - thanks for sharing it on instructables. What do you think you are going to publish next? Do you have any videos of you pen spinning?