EZ-EL Wire Designs on Bike Video Tutorial!

Introduction: EZ-EL Wire Designs on Bike Video Tutorial!

About: Electroluminescent Wire is an amazing technology. Working like a fluorescent light bulb in wire form, it can be applied to just about anything. The possibilities are endless; you can bend it, cut it, splice ...

What's great about EL Wire is that it's great for making any design you want. Especially on objects with spokes, like bicycle wheels or wheelchairs, the wire makes it very fun and enjoyable to make. On my bike, I wove a square and a circle design on the wheels. It was really easy, and it looks AWESOME at night when the wheels are actually spinning. Check it out!

If you like this tutorial, you can find more inspiration at https://ez-el.com/tutorials

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    Nice! I have a few questions, though:

    How much el wire did you use for the circle design? the square design?
    What type of inverter did you use?
    How did you mount the inverter?


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    Or I just made a step-by-step on here if you like! https://www.instructables.com/id/Create-Bicycle-Designs-on-Your-Tires-Using-EZEL-Wi/

    For the circle design I used 25ft and for the square design I only needed 10ft. Both of them come with a 3V inverter in the kit if you get it from www.ez-el.com

    As for mounting the inverter, I used 2 zip ties to secure it onto one of the spokes.

    Hope that helps! Also, for future references, if you visit www.ez-el/tutorials it has specific step-by-step instructions as well as all the materials that were used.