Create Your Own Fluorescent Plant

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One day I was with nothing to do and decided to play God, so I decided to create a new species, but WHAT create? A squirrel shoot lasers for eyes, a hamster part fish, and despite all this not be a bad idea, I chose to make a fluorescent plant.
Jokes aside, this instructables, will teach you how you can do simply a fluorescent plant!

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Step 1: Notes

• The plant is only fluoresces under black light;

• The plant is fluorescent, phosphorescent not because it will only emit light while receiving light (black light), while the phosphorescent things continue to emit light even after they stop receiving (for more explanations for details beasts, search on google) ;

• The plant is not bioluminescent, therefore, is not the body that it will produce light;

• Black Light is a visible spectrum of ultraviolet light, which in excess can cause skin cancer, turn on the light just as you desire to see the fluorescing plant, I suggest you use sunscreen during use;

• How is a junction between artificial technology and a biological unit (the plant), is technically a bionic experiment, ha ha ha. While creating not hesitate to scream "It's aliiiiiiiiiive Ha ha ha"

Step 2: Choosing Plant

I honestly do not know what kind I used, but you can use any species in their small lashes leaves, epiphytic bromeliads and contain this feature work very well because they absorb moisture from the air, so there is no need water them, which could remove ink.

Step 3: Where Live the Trick

To make the fluorescent plant truth you will need a highlighter non-toxic and water-based, the trick is that it shines on black light fluorescent, it is the main key to this instructables.

Step 4: How to Remove the Paint

You will not scratch the plant with the marker, because it will not leave a homogeneous layer, would shine weak, and if you try to issso will realize that it is difficult to make the paint adhere to plant. Instead you can use a simple trick, keeping the capped marker, hold the other estremidade without the lid, and Fassa semicircle movement pointed down, as is done with thermometers, repeat this a few times and you realized that the cover will accumulate ink is ink that we will use.

Step 5: Painting

Using a soft bristle brush you will use the ink marker and paint cover the plant normally, the paint will adhere because ospequenos cilia present in the leaves will keep the paint, the plant will not die, because the label is non-toxic and after a certain time the ink will move and allowing the plant to breathe.

Step 6: Result

The plant will shine the used marker color while receiving black light, it will not die, will absolve the humidity, the change of place of the paint (this process occurs naturally) will allow the plant to breathe, all she will prescisar is light the sun, but as the black light is the visible spectrum of ultraviolet light exposure propia her to keep her alive black light, so it can be kept in office desks, bedrooms, living rooms, etc.

Step 7: Enjoy

observation; Once you paint the plant it has a homogeneous layer, but after a certain time to make room for plant respiration ink migrate to other parts of the plant, still will be cool because each plant will have its brand, the example, the plant that appears in after some time photos concentrated ink ends (looked like tentacles), another plant that I used (has her picture in this step, there is this increased demand ... not that there not ... this side ... this then also not ... ha it's) created two parallel lines.

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    4 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Thanks, but I dont feel comfortable with the idea that the plant is painted. I suposed you founded a way to inoculate the plant with this kind of chemical.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    wanted to see something like this for so long...............and now its worth the wait!!

    Love the instructable.....thanks, you're a genius.