Create Your Own Gaming Mascot.

Introduction: Create Your Own Gaming Mascot.

I encouraged my favorite pug Lily to participate in gaming by becoming my mascot.

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Step 1: Determine If Your Pet Seems Intereseted in Participating in Your Gaming Experience.

Step 2: Encourage Your Pet by Offering a Reward Incentive.

Step 3: Find a Game Character That Resembles Your Pet.

ET The Extra-Terrestrial (1982) (Atari) seems appropriate for Lily

Step 4: Experiment With Costumes Props Etc to Achieve the Look Desired

Step 5: Compare Your Inspiration and Completed Mascot Side by Side and Enjoy

If you would like to see what Lily looks like compared to ET. You can do a search for ET images online and see for yourself.

Step 6: Keep Updating Your Mascot Utilizing New Inspirations As Necessary

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    5 years ago

    Favorite, you mean you have moe then one!?
    I'm green with envy!

    Tex Arcana
    Tex Arcana

    5 years ago

    BWAHAHAHAHAHA.... awesome and cute!