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Introduction: Create a PDF

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PDF (portable document format) is a type of document, created by Adobe, that is designed to be viewable in it's original format, no matter the system it is viewed on. There are various ways to make a PDF. And this instructable will hopefully document the easiest ways to do it.

Step 1: Method 1: the Adobe Way

The first way to make a PDF is Adobe's own Acrobat software. As I do not own a copy of Adobe Acrobat I cannot fully give a guide for it however I can say a few things.

  • It includes its own PDF creation Word Processor
  • It integrates with word in a one-click like process, with buttons on a toolbar
  • it installs as a printer driver, so that you can print to PDF from any application.

The only downside to "The Adobe Way" is that the software costs around-about $299 US for the standard edition.

Step 2: Method 2: the Word Way

If you have word 2007, you are in luck! Office 2007 includes a feature to allow you to 'publish' a document as a PDF. This is good, as it allows you to also export links.

To publish a PDF in Word 2007:
Office Button > Save As > PDF or XPS

If this is the fist time you have used this function, you may be asked to download an add-on for office. Otherwise, a save as-like dialog will appear. Here you can set some options, and save the PDF.

The great thing about this method is that most Office Apps can publish to a PDF, including Excel and Publisher.

Step 3: Method 3: the Primo Way

If you don't have Office 2007 or Adobe Acrobat you can still make a PDF, and even better - from any program that prints! The only downside is that your PDF will not be interactive and just like a digital printed page. Links will not be clickable.

You will need PrimoPdf from
It installs itself as a printer driver, so when you select a printer click Primo PDF. It will open itself up and you can set some options, and save as a PDF

Step 4: Method 4: the OpenOffice Way

Have a copy of Then You're in luck! Just click the PDF icon on the toolbar! Select some options (if you want links, make sure 'Tagged PDF' is checked) and create your PDF file.

Step 5: Method 5: the Mac Way

Own a Mac? Then make a PDF directly from the print dialog. In the print dialog, click either 'Save as PDF' or 'PDF > Save PDF' a save dialog will appear. Save your PDF.

Step 6: PDF Creation: Complete

Well there you go. That's how to make a PDF. PDFs are great for sending documents to someone who is on a different operating system or if you need something that holds its format wherever it is used.

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