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Introduction: Create a PDF

Everyone have a different way how to creating PDF and also use any software as rebuild PDF function in Open Office, Microsoft Office 2007, primopdf etc. So, here I want to shares my technique how to create PDF for all types documents. From documents that use Microsoft Office Words, Excel, Power Points, Publisher or document using the Open Office, JPG files and Paints.

In other way, I also can create PDF for each of which were presented by my computer screen including what is contained in the Internet that i had explore. Only with a free PDF convert software I can create various types and forms of PDF. The software I use is PrimoPDF. It's will function as a printer when you want printing a document or what you have seen on your internet browser.

You normally just go to menu, select Print and then in the Printer Name select PrimoPDF. Then print out and keep you printing in the form of PDF, not a real paper but you can printing it as paper later. Or send it to your friends over internet and they will be print it on paper themself. So, go to the next step for my instructables how i create my PDF with primopdf.

1. Step 1 : Download PrimoPDF
2. Step 2 : Create MS Words PDF
3. Step 3 : Create MS PowerPoints PDF
4. Step 4 : Create Picture PDF
5. Step 5 : Create MS Publishers PDF
6. Step 6 : Create PDF for your favourite articles at websites

My Intro Picture : Multimedia PDF Creator
To understand why i use this title is because everyone know what is a meaning of multimedia. What people thinks to multimedia is the computer can make everything jobs for us, at working places, home and anywhere we can use the multimedia machines likes printer, scanner, LCD, internet, PDAs, smartphone, laptop computer or desktop computer. With all of this multimedia we can communicate to others people around the world.

Multimedia PDF Creator, you can imagine with only one PDF creator you can create a PDF with any type of documents you want to do. Just like you prints it at any printer brands. What media you want to print out as PDF, i means you want to create ebooks, brochure, words document, picture, powerpoints slide, print screens, greeting card, catalogs, leterhead, newsletters, resume or what event documents project you want to do and then create it as PDF. After that send it over internet via email or online folder or scribd to shares with your friends or to presents it for finding jobs or joint a contest. How easy to us create PDF with one multimedia creator.

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Step 1: Download a Software

Firstly, you must have a software to create PDF. Download it at (look at the picture step1). No need i explain more detail about promopdf, you can explore yourself at the sites and read what's the benefit download and used primopdf. You also can read for more information. But what can i say is, it's free and no cost to download it and you can create hundred type of PDF with primopdf. I will show you next step, some example how can i use primopdf to create PDF for different type of documents and files.

What is interesting to do now is, download primopdf software first.

1. Go to adress and click button "Download - Free".
2. And you will connecting to CNET download and click button "Download Now"
3. Download in progress, wait for a minutes or seconds depends to your internet connectionspeed
and your powerfull computer processor.
4. Now you exe. files install in your computer and double click it to start installing program.
5. Follow the instruction and read carefully information and term condition. After click Next to Next
you will be finish your installer.
6. Now your primopdf is ready to use and you can find it when you start to print with menu Files

Step 2: PDF Your Words

Second step, you create any type document of Microsoft Office or Open Office. Your document may be notice, the form of data, letters, articles, plans, slide show, pictures, magazines, books or what ever. Here I will show you a simple example how the projects I create PDF using MS Words, MS Excel, MS Power Points, MS Publisher, JPG files. I prefer to use Publisher because it can make various types of documents such as words, brochure, newsletter, ebook, booklets, greeting cards, program books, and so forth. But i will show you all of the example that i create.

First example i use is MS Words 2003, opened words document and type something story or articles. Here i have picture of print screen the words project that i had create. (Please refer the picture below to know more information step by step). I hope you can try it yourself. learn how to use it practically.

1. Open MS Words and type something letters for your project or documentation.
2. Go to Files menu, select print.
3. Select printer names for primopdf.
4. Primopdf tools box will open and you can choose the option you need for your PDF.
5. After customize your option, your words PDF will open automatically after you click Create PDF

Step 3: PDF Your PowerPoints

The second example i want to shares is how primopdf can create PDF for MS PowerPoint easily. The step for create PDF same with MS Words, so i will not detailed it for second times. What i want to show is how is look like of PDF for MS PowerPoint.

But first thing to do is create your powerpoints document, for my presentation i'll use the powerpoint documents that i already made it before.

1. Open or create your MS PowerPoints document frome pages to pages.
2. After finished it, open Files menu go to Print and select print name primopdf. Your PowerPoints
PDF version created.

Step 4: PDF Your Picture Files

Here i want to show how primopdf also can create PDF from picture program as ACDSee, Paints and others. For my example, i'll use ACDSee. First, open picture folder and select what picture you want to convert. You can look picture below open with ACDSee 6.0, the picture names is BIODIESEL. Talk about this picture, it's was my project for teaching use. I made it at the sciences lab and then put it in the specimen bottle. After that put the bottle in perspex clear box. BIODIESEL made from used cooking oil.

Back to question how to create PDF from picture or JPG file, with the same intstruction for MS Words before, go to menu "File", click "Print Image" with primopdf printer.

1. Open your picture files.
2. To print with primopdf, open Files and select printer name.
3. Click OK and your picture PDF created.

Step 5: PDF Your Publisher

Now i will show you how to create PDF with Publisher document. I like to use MS Publisher because i can create any design for my document. My document can be advertisement, awards certificates, brochure, business cards, calendar, catalog, flyer, envelopes and what ever MS Publisher offer to us publish our documents. But, before i apply my document to printer and paper iwant to see it with PDF version first. So i use primopdf to do this jobs before i print it to real paper.

Look for the step at pictures below, open your MS Publisher first to start your documentation.

1. Open MS Publisher and select project design.
2. Design your project for page 1.
3. Next design for your project page 2.
4. After finish your work design, print it with primopdf and now you create a brochure PDF.

Step 6:

For this last step, here i show you how primopdf can use for create a PDF when you exploring in the internet with your browser. When you interested with an articles that you have read in the internet, you want print it but you don't want to waste you paper any more. So, PDF is a good choice when you want to read it again at any time and anywhere. Because, many small gadget today have PDF readers likes smartphones and PDA.

1. Open your favourites websites with your internet browser.
2. Select the words or pictures you want to print.
3. Printer tools box will opened and customize the option.
4. Your PDF printed.

Finally, I'm only can tell you 5 way how to create PDF with primopdf, there are 300+ type of document you can PDF with primopdf. I hope you can explore and try to do it yourself. TQ for read my poor instructables explaination. But with picture attached here, you can follow my instructables step by step.

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    This is a great Instructable, but you need to add a main image of the final project to the intro step. Please do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks!


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    There is a more easiest way online. Just use Word To PDF Converter

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    Thanks noahw for reminding me, i'm already add a main image in my intro step. i have been message at your inbox also. Thanks!


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    Do you happen to have an image that you can use in your introduction? This is a great project, and I'd love to let it into the Burning Questions contest, but you'll need an intro image first.