Creating Christmas Tree Ornaments in SelfCAD



Introduction: Creating Christmas Tree Ornaments in SelfCAD

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  • Because Christmas is around the corner we want to design our own Christmas Tree Ornaments. To achieve this, we are going to use the easy to use 3D software called SelfCAD. SelfCAD is a browser-based, hence you don't need to install or download anything rather all you need to do is Sign Up and launch the software and everything will be OK. Sign up here:

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Step 1: Creating the Shape of the Ornament

  • The SelfCAD tools we are going to use are, Fine polygon, Extrusion, Scale, Tupos, Move, and Twist tools.
  • To begin, select Cone Shape, in the basic shapes. Set the number of Horizontal Segments to 10 and reduce the number of vertical segments to 20 then Finalize.
  • Turn on the Wire Frame and click on the shape to select it and turn on Fine Polygon Mode.
  • Select the polygons including those on the top and then click Extrude, apply and click Scale tool
  • By extruding, we will have created additional polygon between the base and the polygons that we are working on.
  • We are using the Scale tool to resize the polygon and the Taper to Symmetrically Stretch and bend the Shape as shown above.
  • While in Taper select Top in the Origin Section.
  • Scale the shape up and down using the move and scale tool.
  • Clear the Polygon Selection by clicking outside the object.
  • Modify the entire shape using Taper, Scale and Twist to be like the 4th image above. Check the video to know how to twist it.
  • The Shape of the ornament is now ready.

Step 2: Creating Hole of the Thread

  • Click Torus, increase Tubular Segments to 12 then click Finalize.
  • Using the Scale tool, Scale it down, Rotate it. Click Boolean tool found in the Tools tab, then Difference and extract the model of the hole from the ornament as shown above.

Step 3: Creating the Second Ornament

  • Use the cone and follow the steps in the previous section and transform it.Check the video above to know how to transform the Shape.
  • This second model is different from the first one different because it has a ring attachment on top of it.
  • To extract the ring from the model we shall be using the Boolean Union tool.
  • Our ornament is not ready. You can download it as an STL file by clicking File then download or you can print it directly by selecting File then Print.

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