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Creating Doodle Art is so much fun.  It is such a great way to relax after a stressful day.  You can even carry markers and paper with you whenever you have to wait at the doctor's office, or any other type of event.  It not only passes the time, but allows you to be creative.

The first step to creating your doodle art is to draw your beginning lines to start from.

Choose which part of the design you want to start with.  It is really up to you.

I chose the circle in the middle and placed a large dot.  Next I will begin to add lines to connect the dot to the line completing the circle.

Continue around the circle until they are complete all the way around.

Next you will move to another section to begin the design.

I started this section by drawing angled lines.

Then I added diagonal lines making diamond designs.  Time to move on to the next section.

I moved on to this part of the design creating a zig-zag shape and added v-shapes inside.

This is a glimpse of what the picture looks like at this point.

Next I colored in the v-shapes making them a triangle.

Moving on to the next section I drew squares with double lines.

I colored in the double lines to turning them in to dark wide lines.

I then add then lines filling in each of the squares.

I go back in and add lines horizontally creating small squares.  These are random and do not have to be created equally.

Moving on to the next section I add a few curved lines.  This is starting to fill in a section between two that have been completed.

Fill in the sections between two thin lines, creating larger solid lines.  I leave blank lines in between.  I am not going to add any designs to the blank spaces.

In the next section I created this pattern making small scallops starting from one point and filling in the space, connecting back where I started.  I add two more areas like this which are smaller and smaller, filling in the smallest section completely.

I continue on adding lines to connect each of those sections together, around then entire design. 

I randomly fill in some of the spaces to be solid black.  This makes it stand out more and is more dramatic.

In the next section I will be adding a leaf pattern.  I add the line designating the middle section of the leaf.

I start on one side of the leaf adding the petals.

I started adding the petals to the right side of the leaf.  I then add the petals on the left side.

I then go back in to make the lines thicker around each petal.

The next section I add checkered lines to fill in part of the space between some of the designs.

I now filled in alternating squares completing the checker board pattern. I also went around the first circle section that I completed, to clean up and dark the line around it.

In the next open section I add random curved lines.

Next I darken the lines and add dark partial circle in each section.

Then straight lines are added to fill in the section between the solid area of the design to the line around each one.

In the final open section I draw a few random circles.

Go back in and make them darker, actually making the line darker and wider in some areas.

Then add a single line randomly going in and coming out of some of the circles.

Your picture is now complete.  I love doing these and always look forward to what I will end of with when I am finished.



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1 year ago

I say, you're a very good artist!


5 years ago

exactly what i was looking for going to use a porcelin pen to doodle art teacups! x