Creating Your Own Wiffleball League

Introduction: Creating Your Own Wiffleball League

Do you want the baseball experience, but don't have the room for a full on diamond? Then wiffle ball is your sport! Creating a wiffle ball league for you and your friends is no easy task, but remember... There's no crying in wiffle ball. Follow these tip and tricks to get your league up and running, and eventually to stardom.

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Step 1: Grabbing Your Buddies...

What fun is wiffle ball without your friends? That's right, no fun. Asking friends to commit to a league is hard, but commitment is what you want. Make sure the friends you ask are either very committed to your sport, or are one of your better friends.


Make sure to be flexible, your friends might not want to commit to playing every Monday for example, make sure you work games around their schedules as well!


Your friends will originally help provide most the funds, more friends the better!

Step 2: Finding a Field

Once you have your athletes, you need to find your athletic facility. For our league, BWL Wiffleball, our games are played in the Backyard. You need to make sure your field or court, provides 3 things:

  • Enough room to play
  • Enough room to watch
  • Easy clean up/set up

Our field allows for 4 players to play comfortably, we have enough room that 15 bystanders could watch, and clean-up/set up takes 30 minutes at the most.

Remember our field is for wiffle ball...

We mow the law everyday, unless the games are on back to back days. We spray lines everyday, and for every game banners are put up. We also have score sheets and cameras that you will learn about a little later.

Step 3: Choose an Audience for Sharing Your Games...

As a wiffle ball league, we wanted to get our name out... After researching several ways we found that YouTube was by far the best. You can create a channel, and share your games over the vast interface.

Some of the things we do...

  • Games
  • Batting Practice
  • Interviews
  • Montage Videos

Here is our channel:

We also us a web service called LeagueLineup, which keeps stats for our league.

We just recently also started an Instagram as well: bwlwiffleball

Step 4: Logistics Behind the Game...

First of all, make sure your games have an understandable set of rules. Therefore when sharing videos, and keeping stats everything stays the same.

For Example...

Every game has 4 innings, 2 outs per half inning, and same rules every game. This allows for viewers, when they come back, to understand how the game works.

Another thing we do is keeping the 3 camera locations the same throughout the season, this allows for players to analyze their swing/pitching from game to game, and also keeps consistency for the viewers.


Create stat sheets that reflect your website stats. For example our website stats are listed in our website, so the score sheet pictured above has the necessary stats to fill out our website

Step 5: Getting Sponsors

This is the one aspect that we as BWL Wiffleball are somewhat struggling with. We as a league have sent at least 50 emails to companies asking and offering them to be sponsors. My general format for sending emails usually begins with us as a league explaining why the specific company is a good fit for our league. Then, we ask for what would be required of them as a sponsor. An lastly, we ask for what they would like in return, because everyone knows a good relationship has give and take.

Here is an example email we sent to Honest Tea:


I created a small wiffle ball league for several friends and I to enjoy. It was very successful last year and we decided to expand our league. We need a more professional look to our league, and we decided adding sponsors would be a good way to do so. Your company came to mind, as the Honest Tea Half and Half was what we drank most of the time during and while watching games. We have a website and YouTube channel where we post games and stats for our viewers. Anyway, we were wondering as a league "Backyard Wiffleball League" if you would like to be our sponsor for the 2016 Season. By sponsor, we are wondering if you would like to send us a banner for our field, and in return we would add you as a sponsor on the website. In addition, we would like to put your advertisements into our YouTube videos. Let me know what you think and if you need anymore information. Thanks again!

That is usually what our emails look like, and even though we get shot down most of the time, it doesn"t hurt to keep trying. If any of you have questions or would like to be sponsors don't hesitate to email

Step 6: Have Fun!

Wiffleball is the backyard version of America's Pastime, have as much fun as you can. Play hard, but not too hard! ;)

Things we do...

We have walk up/home run songs

We play the National Anthem

The Champion gets dunked with water


All-Star Gane

Home Run Derby

Step 7: Thank You!

Thank you for journeying through our tips and tricks! I hope your league work out!

Here is our YouTube Channel:

Here is our website:

PLEASE email us to show us your league so we can subscribe!

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