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    This is amazing. Thank you so much for this.

    I love this Instructible! I can think of quite a few ways to use it.

    on a side note, I have an Associated B4. Mamba Brushless :)

    While reading through your instructable I found a couple of things you could improve:

    1. I personally never use the bucket tool. Edit -> Fill with FG color (shortcut ctrl + , ) is much faster.
    2. Don't use the pencil tool, but use the brush tool instead. The pencil tool creates hard edges that look awful.
    3. There's no advantage in applying the layer mask, you only delete the hidden parts. If you want to correct something later you won't be able to.
    4. Draw the shadows on an own transparent layer to be able to change them more easily.
    5. To draw the shadows it might be a good idea to insert the original image as a new layer with low opacity above all other layers. Then you can draw the new shadows exactly where the original ones are. Afterwards just toggle the original image invisible.

    greetings, SpecieS

    We had a contest with the topic "Out of Bounds Effect" some months ago at gimpusers.de: http://www.gimpusers.de/contests/5/submissions You'll find some nice images there. (cutting out the space shuttle's launch pad was really hard work :D )

    I am french, new member, this is fantastic ! How can i do it with Photoshop 7, please. I try already, but it just cannot work at all. Thanks for helping me

    wow..at last i got it after some hrs at it....thanks.

    tindi Apa2.jpg

    this is my stuff... thanks for the idea...

    mike-jack copy.jpgcostarica copy.jpgUntitled-1 copy.jpg

    7 years ago

    Hello, ive been trying to do this for ages. Ive got to the perspective part. I have my white frame around the object, im in perspective but no matter how many times i think ive got it right and click transform it just doesnt work!! please help, been trying for hours.Am new to this so speck easy for me please! thank you :)

    hey i cant understand the steps of (Creating a 3D effect with image editing software) please show me the steps for photoshop cs5 and in much more details

    hey how you had put the lines on the car i'm not able to do plss say

    i cant download da pdm of dis please help me!!!!

    Hi everyone, I'm totally new to photoshop. Please help me know the basic things it does and how I can design picutres with photoshop. Thank you. I know you guys are the best.

    thanks for tut!


    this is mine