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Have you ever been in a Nerf War where your Team was incompetent, or your Team Leader had absolutely no idea what he/she was doing? well this is the "how-to" for you! Or if you just want to start your own Nerf Team... then this "how-to" is still for you!

Step 1: Arranging Your Team

You need to have a Squad, of course, and to do that you will need a few friends, 10-20 would be more than efficient ... if you can gather that many.

a good team also needs diversity. a diverse team will need different war/weapon classes/specializations.

they include (but do not limit to): Assault (Trooper); Heavy Assault; Defender (Sentry/Guard); Sniper (Assassin/Ghost); Spy; Berzerker (Rambo); Demolitions (Bomber/Grenadier); Archer (Bowman/Crossbowman); Engineer; Juggernaut

They also have their Specific Loadouts

Step 2: Assault/Trooper Loadout

The Assault Unit, also named as the Basic Trooper, is the most basic Unit ever in Nerf Wars and Battles. Assault Units, though, are also the most versatile Units, too. For in an "objective Nerf War", an Assault Unit can be the Point Man and compete the Objective. The Assault Units (basic Troopers) loadouts revolve around the focus of medium to high fire-rate and a good firepower. This Unit has a loadout focusing on a rifle and a revolver.

Preferably: a Recon/Retaliator and a Maverick/Strongarm

Step 3: Heavy Assault Loadout

The Heavy Assault Unit is one of the toughest and more powerful Units in the Wars. Heavy Assault Units focus more on "sheer power" than on versatility. These Units' loadouts revolve around these types of weapons: an Assault Rifle or a Tactical Shotgun, and a larger side-arm.

Preferably: a Rampage/Rough Cut and a Firefly

Step 4: Defender/Sentry/Guard Loadout

The Defender Unit does what its name says; it defends an important spot or area. Defender Units' loadouts mainly deals with destructive power and/or rate of fire at a medium to close range. The Defenders' loadouts revolve these types of weapons: a sub-machine gun or a Vulcan EBF-25, and a larger secondary with a good ammo capacity

Preferably: the Stampede/Rapid Strike or a Vulcan, and a Barrel Break

Step 5: Sniper/Assassin/Ghost Loadout

The Sniper Unit goes by other names such as Assassin or Ghost. Sniper Units stay back away from the "action" and take down the important units of the Opposition from long distances. Sniper Units' loadouts mainly surrounds on long range weaponry such as a sniper rifle. This unit's loadout can consist of a sniper rifle and a revolver/pistol.

Preferably: a Centurion (with modded longshot scope) or a Nitron (with tech scope), and a strongarm or an Element EX-6

Step 6: Spy Loadout

The Spy Units are mainly used to gather knowledge from the Opposition. Spy Units are STEALTHY, QUIET, and UNSUSPECTING. The Spy Units' loadouts mainly revolve around SILENTsidearms and daggers or a sword.

Preferably: any pistol and a Stonewall Sword (combat knife) or a Strikeblade

Step 7: Berzerker/Rambo Loadout

Give a guy who's had a terrible day a few Magstrikes and a few Raiders, then tell him to go crazy on the Opposition. That guy you just let loose, he's now currently a Berzerker. Or for another name, a "Rambo". That's all you need to know about this class

Step 8: Demolitions/Bomber/Grenadier Loadout

The Demolitions Unit also goes by a few other names. This Unit can go by the names of Bomber or Grenadier. Demolitions Units do what their name says; they use demolitions and blow stuff up. This Unit's loadout mainly revolve around the "big blasters" and extreme firepower. For example: a "Missile Launcher" and a "Tactical Shotgun". They also use "Nerf Grenades" and "inventions" by the Nerf Engineer.

Preferably: A Titan AS-V or a Rough Cut 2x4 and a few Nerf Grenades/Bombs/Nukes or Z-Bombs

Step 9: Archer/Bowman/Crossbowman Loadout

The Archer Unit goes by other names such as the Bowman and the Crossbowman. Archer Units act somewhat like Sniper Units in the sense that they stay behind and away from the action. These Units use a loadout that revolve around Bows/Crossbows, a pistol, and a sword.

Preferably: the Thunderbow or a Crossfire Bow, a Sidestrike, and a Marauder Longsword.

Step 10: Nerf Engineer Loadout

The Nerf Engineer is the most complicated Position to be in a Nerf War. But it's also the most rewarding, as if you're the Nerf Engineer you get to "invent" or "create" multiple Nerf accessories for the team's use. One of the things you can do is create Nerf Grenades for the rest of the team, not just for your use. The Nerf Engineer is the rarest position you can find for a Squad, so you'll be VERY lucky to find one. This Unit can use basically any gun, but preferably something that's comfortable and can reload quickly (that's my opinion).

Preferably: a Elite Alpha Trooper or a Sledgefire, and a Battlemaster Mace.

Step 11: Juggernaut Loadout

The Juggernaut is the most powerful Unit of them all. The 2nd being the Sniper and the 3rd being the Heavy Assault. Juggernaut Units are almost always strictly limited to one per team, that's how powerful they are. The Juggernauts can literally use any gun they want in battle, although since they're like walking tanks you wouldn't want them to walk out there with a sniper rifle now would you?

Preferably: a Hail-Fire or a Pyragon, a Sledgefire or a Rough Cut 2x4, and a Vendetta Double Sword or a Warlock Axe.



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13 Discussions


5 months ago

could you give me more options for the berserker in weapons


1 year ago

I never thought of a roughcut as being a heavy primary, maybe more of a hyperfire, rapidstrike, or a rayven. Thus said, the roughcut could be a heavy secondary. Then, my idea sounds a bit like a juggernaut then.

Nice Job!


2 years ago

In my team, I'm the sniper and for my loadout i normally use 3 guns. My primary is the sledgefire shotgun, which is useful for if enemies get too close or my team and I are running towards the battlefield. My most important part and the part that makes me a sniper, is my sniper rifle which is the zombie strike longshot cs12 using a recon mk|| six round clip. I'm planning on putting an 8kg spring from orange mod works into my longshot. My side arm is the triad.


2 years ago

For the demolitionist I would use a Thunderblast rather than a Titan


3 years ago

BryceE2 u will spend all ur time fixin ur roughcut if ur an engineer lol


3 years ago

or use socks on the demolitions expert instead of the rip-off "Z-Bombs"


3 years ago on Introduction

My engineer loadout is a rough cut 2x4 with a rainbow pistol (homemade) for backup, and a foam engineer wrench from


4 years ago on Step 11

The pyragon is, according to the nerf website the best nerf gun ever SCORING 9.8 out of 10.


It's sorta lazy to use nothing but images from that video game everybody hates. Seriously nobody likes rail shooters.


Love it but dual Hammershots works for all positions make MORE


4 years ago

A buzzbee range master also works well for sniper


5 years ago on Step 5

A Retaliator would also be good for sniping too (I use it for sniping in Nerf wars).


5 years ago on Introduction

This would be much better if you used photos of your own team going equipped.